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AdSense approval checker

AdSense Eligibility Checker


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AdSense Eligibility checker overview

To check your website for AdSense approval, just visit our AdSense eligibility checker tool and enter your website name, daily traffic, total post number, domain age, etc. Our tools will recommend four steps to get quick Google AdSense approval. Blogger and AdSense eligibility checker are the same process.

The Google AdSense eligibility checker or approval checker indicates the likelihood of your website being approved for AdSense. Google has no official Google AdSense eligibility checker.

Remember that no tool can say which website will be approved by Google AdSense. Only Google can say that. So, you can just get an idea about the possibility of Google AdSense approval. Although it is not entirely certain.

Here are the criteria/eligibility for AdSense Approval:

  1. Only second-level domains are accepted in AdSense.
  2. The age of your site/blog must be greater than 6 months.
  3. Your site/blog must have a minimum of 20+ articles unique and interesting content.
  4. Your article should be related to your site/blog niche, containing a minimum of 2,000+ words.
  5. Traffic to your site/blog should be at least 100+ organic views per day.

Just make 100% unique content and try to find the keywords that Google does not have enough information about the content. Then write content about the topics. We hope this strategy is more effective in getting approved for Google AdSense.

And your website must have four pages which are: Contacts Us, About Us, Privacy Policy, and Terms and Conditions.


This is not an official tool by Google. We can’t promise a 100 percent approval rate based on this result. Basically, you’ll get an idea of how likely your website is to be approved for AdSense and some advice on how to get it approved quickly. Hope you will find it useful.

If you are having problems getting your site approved, please read Our Tips To Get Google AdSense Approval In 2022.