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How does AdSense bot see my page

AdSense bot simulator

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AdSense bot simulator overview

AdSense bot (Mediapartners-Google) is the crawler used by the guys at Google to get a page’s content. Sometimes it happens that a webmaster or a programmer asks himself “How does AdSense bot see my page?”. If you’re in this situation, you’re in the right place! This tool simulates exactly how AdSense bot sees your pages, so you can check out if everything is OK. NOTE: this tool doesn’t use a AdSense bot user agent, so if you use some kind of content switch on the user agent, the results may be wrong.

Tool has two modes: HTML and plain text. You can easily switch between by clicking the appropriate button. For good functioning, AdSense needs a lot of text, since AdSense is contextual advertising. In pure text mode, the tool will give you a recommendation on how much text is enough on your page to add some AdSense to it. These are only guidelines.