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Dozenal Clock overview

Version 1.7 released at 01/20/2023

If you are a computer enthusiast or just want to stand out among the crowd, then you may be interested in our Dozenal Clock Windows 10 gadget. It allows you to view the computer time, in the duodecimal style, also known as the base 12 number system. Thus, the “Ϫ” and “Ɛ” symbols represents the number 10 and 11 in the decimal system, respectively. In the dozenal system, the clock features 72 divisions, meaning a minute has 72 seconds and an hour - 72 minutes. A day has 24 hours.

The Dozenal Clock gadget is not designed to alter the passing time perception, only the way it is measured. Keep in mind that the duodecimal system features more digits than the base ten, there are more seconds in a minute and more minutes in an hour. Their duration, however, is shorter than the decimal correspondents. For example, a second in the dozenal system corresponds to 25/36 of a second in the decimal system. This modern gadget is designed for duodecimal enthusiasts and for all interested in this.

Dozenal Clock has minimal settings that allow you to change color scheme and hide some elements of the interface. Gadget works on both 64-bit and 32-bit systems, the amount of resources it needs is very low.

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Version 1.7 - Fixed bug in settings. Overhauled HTML. (Released at 01/20/2023).

Version 1.6 - Improved code. (Released at 02/18/2020).

Version 1.5 - Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10. Improved code. (Released at 08/06/2019).

Version 1.3 - Fixed bug with sizing. Improved code. (Released at 08/01/2018).

Version 1.1 - Overhauled HTML. Fixed bug.

Version 1.0 - Release version.