Free Sidebar Gadgets for Windows 11/10/8.1/7 Desktop


Volume Control Reloaded

Version 1.7

Volume Control Reloaded

Controlling the sound of the computer can be done through people’s Windows desktop. There are times however when it can be a bit hard to choose the right volume that should be deployed by the computer. In order to make it easier, Volume Control Reloaded can be displayed as one of the Windows sidebar gadgets that can be placed on the side of the screen. From the name itself, it can be easy to tell that this type of gadget can make sound clearer or at least better depending on what people prefer to get out of it.

This gadget now offers the ability to create and manage different profiles for 5.1 environments. It also shows a real-time volume meter and conveniently adjusts the current system volume or mute position.

Volume Control Reloaded allows you to manage your system speaker levels and supports many user profiles. It also shows you a rea ltime LED VU Meter.

Special features

  1. Change volume: mouse wheel or click on the volume bar.
  2. Muting: Middle mouse button or click on speaker symbol.