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Online Tone generator

How to use the tone generator to set the desired cutoff frequency on the amplifier filter control

First, you need to input an audio signal from a device (PC, smartphone, etc.) connected to the Internet and playing sound to the amplifier.

All other devices must be disconnected from the amplifier input.

After making sure that the sound from the device connected to the amplifier is being reproduced, you can start adjusting the amplifier filters.

Let’s consider setting up the amplifier filters using the example of a two-way system built on a channel-by-channel connection to a 4-channel amplifier.

Suppose tweeters are connected to the amplifier outputs 1 and 2. We connect the toner to the corresponding amplifier inputs.

If the tweeter should work with a limitation of 4000 Hz, set this frequency on the tone generator. On the amplifier, in this case, you need to set the HPF control to a higher value (for example, to 8000 Hz or to the extreme position of the control knob). We turn on the tone generator and very smoothly and slowly turn the control knob in the opposite direction until we hear the specified tone signal in the tweeters. As soon as the volume of the tone stops increasing when you turn the knob, this means that the amplifier filter is set at the set frequency of 4000 Hz.

Now you need to set up the midbass.

Switch the tone generator device from inputs 1 and 2 to inputs 3 and 4.

First, we tune the HPF at a frequency, for example 65 Hz (adjustable in the same way as for the tweeter). Once the HPF setting is complete, move on to setting the LPF (Low Pass Filter).

The frequency is set, for example the same 4000 Hz, on the tone generator. Use the LPF knob on the amplifier to set the value below the preset tone generator frequency.

Turn on the tone and slowly turn the control forward.

When we hear the tone generator signal in the tuned speaker and its volume stops increasing when the knob is turned, the filter preset value is set.

All other components of the system are configured in the same way.

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