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Unit Converter


Unit Converter
Unit Converter

Unit Converter Gadget is a handy, small and useful gadget that enables any type of person to perform quick conversions to and from a wide variety of frequently used measurement units.

The interface of the application has a modern design and it is very easy to work with, no matter the user’s previous experience with IT in general. The utility has been developed with three dials that enable you to select the desired conversion mode.

In the first row, you can choose between an array of measurement units, such as energy, mass, pressure, speed or velocity, time and volume. The second and third rows display the most frequently used units of measurements. After you have chosen all the options, the gadget displays the conversion values. For example, one day equals 86.400 seconds.

The gadget also enables users to input the values of a certain unit, so as to calculate the conversion needed with more ease, e.g. 53 watts equals 190.800 joules/hour.

You can toggle Unit Converter Gadget between two sizes. This means that the window can be maximized when using it, so as to see better, or it can be shrunk in order to avoid interruptions.

All in all, Unit Converter Gadget is a tool that can help you easily make conversion to and from a wide variety of measurement units. The fact that it can calculate conversions according to values added by you is an extra feature that makes the program highly efficient and useful.