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Maomao Gadget

Nowadays, many find the daily routine to be very difficult to bear, as you can only fill out so many spreadsheets before you start wondering if there is something more for you out there. However, if you are not quite ready to sell your possessions, buy a boat and travel the world, this gadget may just be what you need.

MaoMao is an animated feline that can keep you company while you complete your day-to-day tasks. He is guaranteed to keep a close eye on your work, even though both of his are always closed, and he will happily wave at you as you get through your day.

Cheerful desktop companion that can keep sad thoughts at bay

First and foremost, it must be noted that MaoMao will only make an appearance if Adobe Flash Player is available on your PC. Cats can be fickle like that, but this one can at least help you download and set up this component if it has not already been installed.

Once that is done, you will surely notice the new addition to your desktop in all his glory: MaoMao, the cute critter that always seems to be smiling even though the corners of his mouth are pointing down. He even brings his own little cushion to make your workspace more cat-friendly.

Animated critter that is much too comfy on your desktop to actually do anything

The cushion certainly seems to do the trick, as MaoMao is content just to wave at you while carefully scrutinizing your actions. While his legs are not quite visible, you can rest assured that he will jump to your aid if you ever run into any issues.

Your well-fed desktop companion is far from selfish, as he is willing to shrink in size if you find that your desktop cannot accommodate his dimensions. However, we cannot guarantee that his feelings will not be hurt.

On top of that, MaoMao never seems to mind when you move him around across your desktop, although he may need some time to familiarize himself with his new surroundings if you change your wallpaper very often.

Some will say that the cute little kitten is not particularly helpful, but these people probably also hate cat videos, so their opinions are of no concern to us.