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Our Tips To Get Google AdSense Approval In 2022

Google AdSense

Are you looking to monetize your website or blog and earn passive income? Have you been rejected by Google AdSense and are now searching for tips to get approval? However, getting approved by Google AdSense is not an easy task. Did you know that there are some basic rules or requirements that must be followed by any publisher to get approval from Google AdSense? Throughout this article, we will share some ideas that will help you get your AdSense account approved. These are mandatory guidelines that the Google AdSense approval team expects. So, without wasting any time, let’s dive in.

What Is Google AdSense And How Does It Works?

There are a number of reasons why people fail to create valid accounts in Google AdSense. Some common reasons include not meeting the program’s requirements, such as having a website with quality content, not adhering to the program policies, or having invalid clicks or traffic on their site. It is important to carefully read and understand the AdSense program policies and requirements before applying to ensure that your website is compliant and meets the necessary criteria. Additionally, it is important to maintain your site’s quality and to monitor your traffic to ensure that it is valid and not generated artificially. By following these guidelines, you can increase your chances of being approved for Google AdSense and earning money from your website.

Why Does Google AdSense Get Disapproved?

One of the main reasons for Google AdSense disapproval is that people never care about the Google AdSense approval requirements. Google has clearly set some basic requirements that must be followed by publishers to get approval for Google AdSense.

As Google AdSense is one of the best-paying advertising networks, it is preferred by most webmasters and bloggers in the industry. There was a time when you could approve your AdSense account within minutes, but due to its increasing demand and popularity, they are constantly making improvements to their service features.

Also, people are abusing Google AdSense program policies and still making money using black-hat techniques. Due to such activities, advertisers are going to incur huge losses. Therefore, to prevent such activity, and always maintain the trust of the advertiser, Google AdSense has set very strict approval requirements. As a result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get Google AdSense approval these days.

Google AdSense Approval Trick To Approve AdSense quickly

There are numbers of factors Google consider while approving your site for Google AdSense. You can simply read the Eligibility requirements for AdSense on their official site, but we don’t think any beginner can easily understand and implement them on their sites. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of some great Google AdSense approval tips that gonna help anyone to get their Google AdSense approval.

Make sure to use every individual trick as suggested, and we sure you will never face rejections. In summary, I must say these aren’t an AdSense approval trick or no such trick in reality exists.

These are sort of mandatory guidelines that the Google AdSense approver team is expecting. So in this guide, I will share all those guidelines which will help you to get quick AdSense approval, and you can consider them as the only Google AdSense approval trick which can prove you trustworthy results.

Niche Selection

Your niche plays a very important part here. If you are writing articles on illegal content that can harm someone. Then forget about AdSense. You will get banned forever. So be very careful while choosing your niche. If you accidentally decided the wrong niche and want to change it. Then you can obviously talk to your service provider and correct it.

High-Quality Content Is Crucial

When it comes to Google AdSense approval, there is no doubt that content is one of the most important factors. If your site’s content is high quality and relevant, you are more likely to be approved with ease. This means you have to write well-crafted, engaging articles that are both informative and entertaining.

You probably must have heard this umpteen times, but we have to say it again, “Content is King”. It takes a lot of time and effort to pen down great content, but Google appreciates this. You will not only find your website climb up the search engine rankings, but your website will also stand a better chance of getting approved for AdSense.

Some people think this doesn’t matter, but it does, because now Google making sure websites they’re approving aren’t just a bunch of spam content or people who are copying and pasting content from other websites.

They want to make sure to keep them out of their search results in general, so anyone who’s trying to do shortcuts, forget about it. You’re not going to get approved for Google AdSense.

Just make sure that you have high-quality content on your website. You can look at the Google Publisher Policies to help you understand what Google considers to be good.

Google wants good results in their search engine result pages, so if you don’t have high-quality content, there’s a good chance you’ll get denied.

They’re not going to monetize your website because they know if they don’t, you’re probably not going to make money and you’re probably going to quit.

If Google finds plagiarized content on your website then forget about AdSense, Your article will never rank on Google. Try to write articles yourself. Don’t use an article spinner. Google algorithm is getting clever day by day. So you might get blacklisted forever. If you are not good at writing. Hire someone, but keep it unique.

Original content is a cornerstone of any website. It’s what separates the average website from the great ones, and it’s what makes visitors want to come back again and again. Though It takes time, effort, and a lot of creativity, you will get rewarded for it. Believe me, there is nothing greater than original content in this digital world.

Website Layout

The way you layout and design your website can have a big impact on your Google AdSense application. Google wants to see a professional-looking site with a clean design. They’re also looking for sites that are easy to navigate. If your site is hard to use or doesn’t look very trustworthy, your application is likely to be denied. Make the website look decent. This doesn’t mean you have to go buy premium themes, but you want to make sure your website looks good. Make sure your website has all the bells and whistles so when someone visits, it doesn’t look like a bunch of old-school, 90s, jumbled HTML, thrown together to where it’s hard to navigate.

As you may know, On March 26, 2018, Google officially announced the implementation of mobile-first indexing. The concept behind this is actually easy to understand. It means that the mobile version will be considered the primary version of your website when it comes to indexing. It’s important to note that the “mobile-first” is not a “mobile-only:” sites that don’t have a mobile version will be indexed based only on the desktop one, risking to fall second to ones with mobile versions in the ranking competition.

The mobile-first index revolution means that your website needs to have a mobile version as perfectly optimized as its desktop one if it wants to stand a chance in the “page-one-ranking” competition. That is why one of the first things you should do is check if your web designer or website builder can deliver a mobile-friendly version of your site.

Try to use a minimalistic responsive theme which can make navigation simple for your user. The simpler your website will be. Lower the bounce rate will remain and higher the user engagement you will achieve.


Google loves user-friendly websites, hence it becomes super crucial to ensure that the navigation on your website is good. At any given point, a visitor should know which page he is on or how to get to a particular page with minimum clicks. This is one thing that will keep your visitors happy and a check on your AdSense application. You can use breadcrumbs [A “breadcrumb” is a type of secondary navigation scheme that reveals the user’s location in a website or Web application] on your posts to enable better navigation.


No matter how good your content is, a bad website/blog design is going to drive traffic away. Your website needs to be attractive and well-structured for your visitors to enjoy the content. Fonts play an important role too. You can to help you make your content look more beautiful and easy for reading. The whole point is that your content should be legible. The guys at Google AdSense will be looking closely at your website to check if this criterion has been addressed or not.


Just like design, speed is a very important criterion for a website to be deemed good. A slow loading website is going to discourage any visitors to visit your website, which is a strict no-no especially when you are applying for Google AdSense.

Mandatory Pages for the Website

Every website must have a few mandatory pages, here we’re not talking about the post. It is what the page which describe what your website is all about.

Every single pages must have a link associated with your home page, either top bar or bottom menu Bar. Let us help you with what such a page should be.

About Us Page to Describe Website

The most important part which approver looking for, this page should have detail about what is your website all about & what is future plan & vision for this website. Try to write at least 800 words and described all your social networks to get more visibility on your social presence and authority.

It’s pretty simple why; when Google is reviewing your website, they want to make sure it’s legitimate, so they want to know who’s behind the site. You can include the different staff involved on the About page as well.

Contact Us Page for Help

It is also significant to have a Contact Us page so all of your website visitors can reach out to you, in that case just create a page that has E-mail id and your contact details. So this can help the reader to connect with you in case he has any problem.

Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy for use of Cookies

It will increase the visitor’s trust in you. As they share their personal information on your site, you should assure them to keep it private. This section is a must-have feature to get Google AdSense. No need to write any single word by hand. Types in the Google search box for “Terms and Conditions Template” and simply copy-paste the same for your website. Do a few change such as email id and website name in it. Don’t worry, copied content won’t have any adverse impact on your website because this is not on your post, this is just pages.

By having those three or four pages, you’re going to further validate the fact that you are a legitimate business. That is really important to Google when they’re looking at you from an AdSense perspective.

Supported Language

As we can see, most of the sites we find on the internet have their content in the English language. But it is not necessary that the primary language of your site should be English. There can be many reasons to build your site in another language than English. But when it comes to AdSense approval, there are some restrictions regarding language. They only display their ads on websites that are built with certain languages they have specified.

Now the question is, what are the languages supported by Google AdSense? Well, Besides English, google AdSense supports many languages such as Hindi, Arabic, Malay, German, Spanish, Thai, Japanese and more. The following URL can give you more idea on this: Languages Google publisher products support – Google AdSense Help.

Confirm Website Content Isn’t on the Restricted List

We think some people probably don’t really think about before they create a website. That is, you need to make sure your content isn’t on the restricted list.

Yes, Google AdSense does have a restricted list. If you have a website and your content is restricted, then goodbye to AdSense. That’s just the reality of the situation.

There are many different rules, so check out the Google Publisher Restrictions article for more details on publisher restrictions.

Generally speaking, you can’t have anything sexual, and you can’t have shocking, like killing, terrorism, explosives, guns, tobacco, recreational drugs, the sale of alcohol, online gambling, prescription drugs, and unapproved pharmaceuticals or supplements.

We also want to draw your attention to YMYL sites. These sites should have an expert to write the content.

For example, unless you’re a qualified health professional, with verifiable credentials and work experience, there is no way Google will accept a health-related site.

High E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) of your domain would naturally boost your chances of approval.

Number Of Posts on New Website

Every beginner does mistake that without publishing any quality post, they just create a website and send for AdSense approval. And later looking for Google AdSense approval tricks, and this is like joking on self. If you can show Google that you are consistently publishing quality content, they are more likely to prioritize your site and approve your application. This means that you need to be putting out new content on a regular basis and that it needs to be high quality. Google wants to see that you are an active, engaged publisher and that you are providing value to your readers.

Honestly, there is no set limit for the number of posts that are needed, but one should at least have 20 top quality posts before applying for AdSense. If you have various categories on your website, then it is a best practice to have a sufficient number of blog posts under each one of them. For example, if you have 4 categories then you can write 5 articles for each of the category, thus making a total of 20 good quality articles.

For your reference, here is how you have to write your first blog post. Every post must’ve at least 2000+ words each. In such a way it’s creating around 40000+ word articles on your website. This seems pretty good and no one can doubt the quality of the website. While your website is in review status, don’t stop writing. Keep posting a casual post in 2-3 days, so this sends them signals that you’re true contributors. This is the most influential point to attract anyone is to’ve some quality posts on your website.

Use Copyright Free Images

Do not use copyrighted images. We can’t stress this enough. If you have taken an image directly from Google and put it on your website, never do that again. Using copyright infringement images again puts a bad impression on Google and there is always a fear of getting a strike from the real image owner.

There are usage rights that protect photographers who work hard to put up those images. They need to be compensated for their work.

If you just go into Google and grab an image and put it up, there’s a good chance Google AdSense will come there, see what you’ve done, and say, “No, we’re not going to approve you because these aren’t even your images.”

So better use copyright free images from websites like Pexels, Pixabay, Freepik, Unsplash, etc. or make your custom images using Canva and Photoshop.

You can even ask permission from the original image owner to use it on your website.

Apply with Custom Domain Name

Using TLD (Top Level Domain) makes it easier for Google to verify who you are and that you’re a legitimate website owner. It will help you to rank well on Google searches as well as increase the chance of AdSense approval.

If you’ve started with Blogger then you definitely got a domain called ““. Such a Free domain is good only if you want to write for sharing ideas and experiences, But this time your aim is to monetize your website and that should have some more than what free website is having. So how does Blogger qualify for AdSense? On other side, If you have WordPress then certainly you look for a custom domain because WordPress doesn’t provide any such domain. So in both cases, we would suggest you buy a custom domain with a well-known extension such as .com, .org, .info, .pro, .net, etc. Make sure you try to grab Top-level domains such as .com, .info, .net, so you’ll get worldwide audiences. Never opt for a domain like .tk, .ooo this impact your SEO ranking & it seems like the free domain to grab some attention. So first and foremost point is to’ve a custom domain, do purchase and replace it with a default domain of Blogspot or WordPress. This sends positive faith to your website. An otherwise free & unreliable domain name can create a question mark on your intention to ask for AdSense approval.

Know That (Sometimes) Website Age Matters

Some years back, Domain age was considered a major factor in Google AdSense approval. But nowadays, as the content is being considered the king, this doesn’t apply everywhere. But sometimes your website age will matter.

This isn’t as big of a deal in the U.S. and many other countries, but Google has specifically made a call out to those who are in China and India saying that you have to have your websites for at least six months before you apply to Google AdSense.

We believe they’ve done this because there were a lot of fraud websites that were created and pushed into the ecosystem of their Google search results. They didn’t like how people were trying to play the system. We don’t know all the specifics, but we know that they’ve made mention of those two countries.

However, we have seen applications from India go through even after 2 months. This leads us to believe that if your website has got everything right, then you should be able to overcome this condition.

So if you’re in one of those two countries, then wait six months. If you’re not, that’s probably not the issue if you’re getting denied, so you don’t really have to worry about it.

Use Image ALT Tag

Image ALT tags will help Google understand what your image is about. This is also an on-page SEO technique that every blogger or website owner should care about. By doing so, you are not only helping search engines to understand your pages, but also proving yourself as a serious publisher.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is another biggest factor in getting Google AdSense approval. You can get organic traffic by optimizing your website for search engines. This takes more time and lots of effort, but it’s nearly impossible to approve an AdSense account without a good number of organic traffic. So, instead of getting social media traffic or direct traffic, focus on achieving organic traffic by optimizing your site using various SEO techniques such as On-page SEO, Off-page SEO and Technical SEO.

Outbound links

You should avoid any bad outbound links to websites that are serving copyrighted or illegal material. Google will penalize you for this by rejecting your AdSense application. If you do have any bad outbound links on your website then remove it immediately, it will help you do better in Search Engine rankings as well.

Secured Website

Keep yourself in your visitor’s shoe and imagine that you landed on an unsecured website. Will you still continue reading with the same interest? I don’t think so. Because our brain has a habit of believing in things which we find safe and secure. So keeping your website secured also plays a very crucial role in ranking as well as getting approved from Google.

Avoid Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are links to products or services that you are an affiliate for. These links typically include a tracking code that allows the company to see that you are the one who referred the customer. While there is nothing inherently wrong with affiliate links, Google does not provide much value to those content having affiliate links. Therefore, it is better to avoid using them if you are trying to get approval for Google AdSense.

Remove Other Ads When Applying

Here’s a little hint — if you keep getting rejected, and you’re not sure why, make sure you remove any ads you already had on your website.

Although Google says within its terms of service that it is 100% fine to use other ad networks in conjunction with Google AdSense, when you are applying, someone is going to review your website. But if they see a bunch of ads popping up all over the place, they may just say, “You know what? This website’s already kind of spammy. They already have a bunch of ads, so we’re not going to approve them because they’re already taken care of with those other guys.”

When you’re going through the application process, just remove the ads for the three to five days that it takes for Google to approve it. This will show Google that you are serious about using their ad network and that you are not trying to split your traffic. Once they approve it, you can go in and put up any other ad network you want as well.

Make Sure You’re Over 18 Years Old

Please make sure that you are of age. There is an age limit for getting approval for Google AdSense. If your age is older than eighteen, then you are eligible to apply for Google AdSense Approval. In the application form, they will seek your birthday date. If you are under 18 years old, you can put your legal guardian’s name on it. Hopefully, that will solve your problem.

Google AdSense Approval Requirements For YouTube

Google has set a clear requirement for those who want to get Google AdSense for their YouTube channels. To get Google AdSense approval for a YouTube channel, you must have earned 1000 subscribers and at least 4000 valid public watch hours over the last 12 months.

And to achieve this, the first thing you have to make sure is that your channel is in good standing and that it is in compliance with all of YouTube’s policies. Next, you need to create high quality, original content that is engaging and interesting to your viewers. If you can do these things, then you should have no problem getting your Google AdSense approval for your YouTube channels.


In conclusion, using Google AdSense is a great way to monetize your website. It is easy to set up and can be customized to match your website’s look and feel. Additionally, it is a great way to earn extra income.

We hope these tips for Google AdSense approval will help you to get your account approved with ease. Please make sure to employ all of these tips and follow all Google AdSense approval requirements carefully. Additionally, always be patient and persistent. Never worry about Google AdSense approval time, ideally, it gets approved within 2-3 weeks. But sometimes it needs more time. Until then, you have to be patient and do not remove the ads section by mistake. Don’t give up if you don’t get approval right away. Keep trying and you just might be successful. Best of luck.

You can also try our AdSense approval checker.