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Connection Watcher overview

Version 2.6 released at 09/20/2020

It is often difficult to know if your Internet connection is stable, or it is broken. Fortunately, there is a handy Windows 11 or Windows 10 gadget for determining this. Its name is Connection Watcher. The gadget does what it says in its name — it monitors your internet connection and, in case of its loss or restoration, plays sound. You can set the default sound or select a different sound, in the WAV format, to play when the alarm is triggered.

The user is allowed to modify the alert time, which is measured in seconds. Be careful when using too high values in a time field. In any case, you can interrupt the sound signal, click on the stop icon.

Moreover, Connection Watcher can run the specified program in the event of disconnection and/or restoration of the Internet connection.

Also, try our NIC Watcher gadget to track your NIC adapter.

Special features

  1. Double click on background will show Network And Sharing Center.
  2. Use start/stop button (Start/ Stop) for watching control.

Advice: what is the “Forcibly scan Internet (for router) ” option.

When you use a network card, and any change in the connection status appears as a special event, which can be easily recorded by the gadget. However, if you use an external device, such as a router, the events are likely to be skipped or not detected. Thus, enabling the dedicated option, “Forcibly scan Internet (for router)”, the gadget can check the Internet connection on demand. When this box checks the gadget periodically (use “Scan every” field value) check internet connection. The interval between scans is measured in minutes. If you enter a too small interval, this can lead to increased traffic.

Show changelog

Version 2.6 - Improved working with WMI. (Released at 09/20/2020).

Version 2.5 - Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10. (Released at 08/08/2019).

Version 2.4 - Fixed abnormal network activity under Windows 10 October 2018 Update. (Released at 10/05/2018).

Version 2.2 - Added “Hide” settings tab. (Released at 09/23/2018).

Version 2.1 - Minor changes. (Released at 07/31/2018).

Version 2.0 - Added logging. Added new settings tab. Improved code. (Released at 01/09/2018).

Version 1.8 - Allow run specify program when connection ON/OFF.

Version 1.7 - Added test sound button.

Version 1.6 - Improved algorithm.

Version 1.5 - Added forcibly scan Internet connection (apply it if you use router).

Version 1.4 - Fixed bug with sound.

Version 1.3 - Added play sound when internet connection established.

Version 1.2 - Fixed work with WiFi.

Version 1.1 - Improved Stop/Start procedure.

Version 1.0 - Initial release.