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System Uptime Full Plus overview

Version 11.8 released at 02/23/2023

System uptime is the time period for which the system has been powered up. IT professionals use uptime to refer to a total consecutive amount of operational time. When a computer system has been consistently running for four weeks, one could refer to a “four-week uptime”, or say, “uptime is at four weeks and counting”.

If you are one of them, you will be interested about system uptime of your system. It is not very easy to find this parameter in Windows 11 or Windows 10. But don’t worry. System Uptime Full Plus is a simple Windows 11 or Windows 10 gadget that allows you to see when you turned on your computer. In addition, it can also show the platform and the architecture of the OS in your computer, as well as the installed date and time. Moreover, System Uptime Full Plus calculates and displays record uptime. And finally at the bottom of the gadget’s frame you can see a small speaker Speaker icon. If you press on it, the gadget says current and records uptime.

System Uptime Full Plus small

The gadget has three modes of working: full, small and wide. It is also possible to choose colors for the background, title, system, days, numbers, units and others. The gadget allows you to select the time and date format, modify the voice that speaks the time out loud, by selecting one of the available Microsoft voices available. You may also change the speed of the speech, the pitch and the volume.

System Uptime Full Plus is a lightweight gadget that does not put a strain on the computer’s CPU and memory. This gadget is easy to use and will not cause your PC to have any problems. System Uptime Full Plus works on both 64-bit and 32-bit systems.

System Uptime Full Plus features explained:

System Uptime Full Plus gadget

Special features

  1. Hover mouse to “Current uptime” string to show number of transitions to sleep mode.
  2. Click on the speaker icon Speaker for say current and record uptime.
  3. Double click on background show System Info

Show changelog

Version 11.8 - Overhauled and decreased HTML. Updated Turkish translation by Burak Yavuz. (Released at 02/23/2023).

Version 11.7 - Improved code. (Released at 10/16/2022).

Version 11.6 - Changed to calculate actual uptime value algorithm. (Released at 04/09/2022).

Version 11.5 - Updated Italian translation by Roberto Boriotti. (Released at 11/30/2021).

Version 11.4 - Update Polish translation. (Released at 04/21/2021).

Version 11.3 - Fixed some elements overlap when gadget’s size more than 100%. (Released at 04/04/2021).

Version 11.2 - Changed gadget’s icons. (Released at 02/05/2020).

Version 11.1 - Updated French translation by LogoLargo. Updated Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz. (Released at 11/04/2020).

Version 11.0 - Fixed bug when gadget doesn’t work properly after Daylight Saving Time change. Cosmetic changes. (Released at 11/04/2020).

Version 10.8 - Improved working with WMI. (Released at 09/20/2020).

Version 10.7 - Updated French translation by LogoLargo. (Released at 08/18/2020).

Version 10.6 - Fixed bug with sounds. (Released at 03/28/2020).

Version 10.5 - Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10. (Released at 08/07/2019).

Version 10.4 - Improved work with languages in settings. (Released at 04/01/2019).

Version 10.3 - Fixed bug with resizing. (Released at 07/18/2018).

Version 10.2 - Added Hungarian translation by DirektX. (Released at 01/13/2018)

Version 10.1 - Cosmetic changes in settings. (Released at 01/07/2018)

Version 10.0 - Added possibility to show real uptime (without time of sleep). Added new settings tab. (Released at 12/29/2017)

Version 9.8 - Improved code. (Released at 05/30/2017)

Version 9.6 - Fixed bug in settings.

Version 9.5 - Overhauled HTML. Added Dutch translation by Marcel Keiman (The Rambler).

Version 9.4 - Improved code.

Version 9.3 - Added German translation by Jörg Bornwasser.

Version 9.2 - Update Slovak and Czech translations by Pavel Jansa.

Version 9.1 - Update Hindi translation by Raunak Dutta.

Version 9.0 - Fixed bugs. Reorganized settings. New setting added.

Version 8.9 - Added Belorussian translation by Kanstantsin Melnikau.

Version 8.8 - Improved code. Fixed Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Version 8.7 - Fixed Japanese translation by Kosuke Kaizuka.

Version 8.6 - Added voice.

Version 8.5 - Cosmetic changes under Windows 10.

Version 8.4 - Minor improvements.

Version 8.3 - Cosmetic changes in translations.

Version 8.2 - Cosmetic changes in Japanese translation.

Version 8.1 - Change update notifier algorithm. Cosmetic changes in Japanese translation.

Version 8.0 - Fixed Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz. Minor improvements.

Version 7.9 - Fixed bug with working with “Record”. Added “Reset 'Record'” button.

Version 7.8 - Added Japanese translation by Kosuke Kaizuka.

Version 7.7 - Improved code. Allow save “Record” to disk after specific time.

Version 7.6 - Improved code.

Version 7.5 - Change small size uptime view.

Version 7.4 - Added Hindi translation by Raunak Dutta.

Version 7.3 - Added Czech translation by Jiří Škorpil.

Version 7.2 - Added record counter.

Version 7.1 - Added Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Version 7.0 - Added Slovak translation by Ivan Očadlík.

Version 6.9 - Fixed Italian translation by Carlo Adami.

Version 6.8 - Added Indonesian translation by elda taluta.

Version 6.7 - Added Catalonian translation by Jordi Bartrina.

Version 6.6 - Added Autoscale DPI option (#1 settings tab). Fixed Ukrainian and Russian translation.

Version 6.5 - Added French translation by Pascal Legendre.

Version 6.4 - Added Italian translation by Luca Asberto aka Narziss70.

Version 6.3 - Added Spanish translation by Diego Manuel Vazquez.

Version 6.2 - Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Rafael “R4to0” Maciel Alves.

Version 6.1 - Added Turkish translation by Celal Osmanbas.

Version 6.0 - Added Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Version 5.2 - Double click on background show System Information.

Version 5.1 - Added update notifier. Improved interface.

Version 5.0 - Wide mode added.

Version 4.7 - Hungarian date format in settings added.

Version 4.6 - Improved code.

Version 4.5 - Allow hide uptime bars.

Version 4.4 - Allow change date and time format in settings.

Version 4.3 - Allow hide “Copyright”.

Version 4.2 - Fixed bugs.

Version 4.1 - Fixed bugs.

Version 4.0 - Added color changeable for all gadget’s elements.

Version 3.4 - Change size adjustable method.

Version 3.2 - Save settings to file. (File will be created - Path: %APPDATA% File: gadgetname_Settings.ini).

Version 3.0 - Resizable. Update for Internet. Two modes Full and Small.