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Talking Clock overview

Version 3.4 released at 04/05/2020

Talking Clock is useful for users who find themselves working long hours on the computer without pause. Work is like a casino game. We forget about time. Thankfully, the solution is simple — Talking Clock. That’s right: this digital clock not only displays the time; it speaks it, too. The gadget can speak the current hour out loud, in English, so that you do not lose track of time. It can tell you when to take a break or if the deadline is getting close, for instance.

The Talking Clock can speak the time-out loud every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on the settings. Moreover, the program allows you to create daily or/and weekly alarms or/and set the date and time at which they are to be triggered. You can specify the days of the week in which the alarm should go off and enter a text that you wish the voice to recite. The gadget allows you to enter a different text for each alarm. Besides, Talking Clock has a useful feature — a small speaker symbol that you can click on to prompt it to speak the time-out loud.

Talking Clock has a few settings that allow you to change color scheme, set alarms, modify the voice that speaks the time-out loud, by selecting one of the available Microsoft voices available. You may also change the speed of the speech, the pitch, and the volume. In case you only wish to use the gadget for its visual appearance, you can easily disable the voices altogether.

Experience aural convenience today with our Talking Clock Windows 11 and Windows 10 gadget.

Special features

  1. Click on the speaker icon Speaker to say current date and time.
  2. Double click on background shows TimeDate applet.

Show changelog

Version 3.4 - Cosmetic changes with pronunciation "AM" and "PM". (Released at 04/05/2020).

Version 3.3 - Fixed bug with sounds. (Released at 03/28/2020).

Version 3.2 - Improved code. (Released at 02/19/2020).

Version 3.1 - Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10. (Released at 08/06/2019).

Version 3.0 - Improved code. Fixed bugs in settings. (Released at 07/26/2018)

Version 2.8 - Fixed bug with wrong week number.

Version 2.7 - Improved code.

Version 2.6 - Allow play alarm in silent mode setting added. Improved code.

Version 2.5 - Silent mode added. Improved code.

Version 2.4 - Allow don’t say time units.

Version 2.3 - Change and improved algorithms.

Version 2.2 - Add day, week and quarter information.

Version 2.1 - Add a leading zero to 24hr time setting. Fixes small bug in settings.

Version 2.0 - Added alarm timers (once, daily and weekly).

Version 1.0 - Release version.