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System Monitor II overview

Version 27.9 released at 04/06/2020

System Monitor II is a gadget for Windows 10, which presents a brief overview of the system, displaying information on the desktop. If you don't want use monster program, like Aida64 this gadget especially for you. System Monitor II showing data on the desktop. Use very low system recourses. It is a powerful application that can show you number of memory used by the system - total, used and free for each of memory types - RAM, page file, all (RAM + page file). In addition, gadget displays the model of the processor and its clock frequency, loading the processor and each core (or stream) separately. Also you can combine them. Supports up to 40 cores and multi CPU system. If you also install CoreTemp, System Monitor II will show you the temperature for each core and the current power consumption of your CPU. On main gadget's frame you can find also few buttons for easy control your PC: shut down, stand by, restart, log off and so on. You can easy change power scheme of your computer by clicking appropriate abbreviation/number too.

You can easy customize the interface by changing the color, background and detail of the graphs, if there are multiple processors, you can determine which characteristics you want to control, switching between them is done by scrolling the mouse wheel. There are a lot of settings, and if you want to customize everything to your liking, you will have to spend some time on it. System Monitor II works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

System Monitor II features explained:

System Monitor II gadget

Special features

  1. Hover mouse to core's bar for show min and max cores temperature.
  2. Hover mouse to any PageFile element (except graph) for view maximum Page File usage.
  3. Click on CPU vendor icon ( Intel CPU/ AMD CPU/ VIA CPU) or gadget's title for show WEI into flyout, click again - close flyout window.
  4. You can use mouse wheel (Wheel) for switching between CPUs and different CPU's settings in multi CPU system. Don't forget click on gadget's body before use wheel.
  5. Double click on background show Task Manager or Resource Monitor.
  6. In flyout window you can run Performance Information and Tools under Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 or WinSAT for get Windows Experience Index (WEI) under Windows 8.1 or above. See Get Windows Experience Index (WEI) score in Windows 10/8.1 for detail.
  7. Click on Processor Queue Length string for show details about it.
  8. Click on HT string for show details about it.
  9. Special PC Control panel.
  10. Two methods of memory usage percentage styles: overall usage and usage of physical memory.
  11. Working with Core Parking from settings.

Usage of physical memory explanation

This is the amount of total memory in use, also known as committed memory, against the total amount of RAM memory available on the system. The total memory in use is both what is in RAM and what is in swap, also known as the pagefile.sys paging file. The total amount of RAM on the system can either be the physical RAM memory installed on a physical machine or the total memory allocated to a virtual guest host machine of the physical machine hosting many virtual machines.

This percentage of total memory in use, committed memory, against the total available RAM memory is important to performance because once the commit memory level exceeds the total RAM memory level, overall performance is greatly impacted because the operating system must swap RAM memory back and forth to the slower swap pagefile.sys paging file. In this display mode, if the total memory exceeds 100% often, then this is an indication that more RAM memory should be purchased, installed (or allocated if a virtual machine). If the machine has the maximum amount of RAM memory capable of being installed and total memory percentage is exceeding 100% often, then this would indicate that it's time to get a new machine to suite your needs as being used.

Show changelog

Version 27.9 - Cosmetic changes. (Released at 04/06/2020)

Version 27.8 - Cosmetic changes in settings. (Released at 03/20/2020)

Version 27.7 - Updated Chinese Simplified translations by akjz. (Released at 03/04/2020)

Version 27.6 - Improved code. (Released at 02/25/2020).

Version 27.5 - Added new setting in #3 settings tab. (Released at 02/14/2020).

Version 27.4 - Added new setting in #3 settings tab. Cosmetic changes in settings. (Released at 11/15/2019).

Version 27.3 - Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10. (Released at 08/16/2019).

Version 27.2 - Fixed bug min/max cores temperatures. (Released at 08/04/2019).

Version 27.1 - Minor improvements. Cosmetic changes. (Released at 07/18/2019).

Version 27.0 - Improved usability. (Released at 05/17/2019).

Version 26.9 - Improved work with languages in settings. (Released at 04/06/2019).

Version 26.8 - Changed algorithm working with power schemas. (Released at 03/12/2019).

Version 26.7 - Fixed bug. (Released at 03/06/2019).

Version 26.6 - Update German translation by Wolfgang Jäth. (Released at 02/24/2019).

Version 26.5 - Added support up to 64 cores/threads. (Released at 01/01/2019).

Version 26.4 - Fixed bug with graph overlap. (Released at 10/20/2018).

Version 26.3 - Fixed critical bug working with parking CPU cores. Improved code. (Released at 10/08/2018).

Version 26.2 - Added a change the background color of the graph scale. (Released at 09/27/2018).

Version 26.1 - Improved code. Update Polish translation. (Released at 09/21/2018).

Version 26.0 - New settings added (#3 and #5 settings tabs). Some minor optimizations and code cleanup. Update Japanese translation. (Released at 09/10/2018).

Version 25.9 - Minor changes. (Released at 08/13/2018).

Version 25.8 - Improve overheat determining procedures. Add information about overheat to log. (Released at 06/14/2018)

Version 25.7 - Fixed Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz. Fixed bug. (Released at 05/24/2018)

Version 25.6 - Determining "Ultimate Performance power scheme" that added in Windows 10 Redstone 4 (version 1803). Cosmetic changes. (Released at 04/22/2018)

Version 25.5 - Hover mouse to core's bar for show min and max cores temperature. (Released at 04/09/2018).

Version 25.4 - Update Czech translation by Jiří Škorpil. (Released at 03/01/2018).

Version 25.3 - Fixed display incorrect power bar when computer resumed from sleep mode. (Released at 02/16/2018).

Version 25.2 - Added support up to 56 cores/threads. Allows decide on different colors to the "CPUx Usage" string for different CPUs. Fixed bug with wrong display parking "P" sign in some systems with cores above 9. Fixed bug in settings. (Released at 02/06/2018).

Version 25.1 - A new WMI class for get information about CPU is used. Algorithms of work with multi CPU systems with Core Temp is changed. Fixed freezing when gadget switch to second CPU in multi CPU system. Fixed wrong display parking "P" sign in system with cores above 9. Fixed triple zero output in "Record string". Fixed few potential bugs. A few other improvements. (Released at 01/31/2018).

Version 25.0 - Fixed bug with incorrect display RAM. Change parking algorithm. Updated few translations. (Released at 01/14/2018).

Version 24.9 - Added some information to log file. Improved code. Fixed bug in settings. (Released at 01/04/2018).

Version 24.8 - Fixed bug. (Released at 12/30/2017).

Version 24.7 - Fixed freeze (I hope) when computer resumed from sleep mode. Added possibility to show real uptime (without time of sleep). New settings added (#3 settings tab). Improved code. (Released at 12/30/2017).

Version 24.6 - More accuracy working with digits. (Released at 12/19/2017).

Version 24.5 - Improved working with core parking. (Released at 12/08/2017).

Version 24.4 - Cosmetic changes. (Released at 11/25/2017).

Version 24.3 - Cosmetic changes in interface. (Released at 11/13/2017).

Version 24.2 - Improved code. Fixed bug. (Released at 05/30/2017).

Version 24.1 - Minor improvements.

Version 23.9 - Minor improvements.

Version 23.8 - Minor improvements.

Version 23.7 - Cosmetic changes.

Version 23.6 - Improved working with Power consumption graph. Few settings added.

Version 23.5 - Overhauled HTML. Update Polish translation.

Version 23.4 - Added TDP and Power consumption bar/graph.

Version 23.3 - Added support up to 40 cores/threads. Improved code. Fixed bug.

Version 23.1 - Update Spanish and Catalonian translation by Jordi Bartrina.

Version 23.0 - Fixed bug in settings.

Version 22.9 - Improved settings usability.

Version 22.8 - Update German translation by Jörg Bornwasser.

Version 22.7 - Cosmetic changes in CPUID output.

Version 22.6 - Cosmetic changes in interface.

Version 22.5 - Update Hindi translation by Raunak Dutta. Cosmetic changes in settings.

Version 22.4 - Cosmetic changes in Japanese translation.

Version 22.3 - Improved settings usability. Added new setting.

Version 22.2 - Minor improvements.

Version 22.1 - Added Reset button behavior (Reset or Safe mode) for Windows 8 or above setting (#2 tab).

Version 22.0 - Added Belorussian translation by Kanstantsin Melnikau.

Version 21.9 - Improved code. Fixed bug with working with AMD CPUs.

Version 21.8 - Improved code. Improved Japanese translation by Kosuke Kaizuka.

Version 21.7 - Improved core parking output.

Version 21.6 - Added run Windows update applet in PC Control panel. It may very useful for Windows 10 users.

Version 21.5 - Minor improvements.

Version 21.4 - Cosmetic changes.

Version 21.3 - Allow user select custom sound. Change update notifier algorithm. Improved code. Cosmetic changes in Japanese translation.

Version 21.2 - Fixed bug with working with 'Record'. Added "Reset 'Record'" button.

Version 21.1 - Fixed working "Stand by" under Windows 8 or above.

Version 21.0 - Minor improvements in WEI under Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Version 20.9 - Working with WEI under Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Version 20.8 - Fixed bug with hide gridlines. Improved HTML.

Version 20.7 - Changed parking algorithm.

Version 20.6 - Working under Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Version 20.5 - Cosmetic changes in Japanese and Russian translation.

Version 20.4 - Cosmetic changes in Japanese translation.

Version 20.3 - Added Japanese translation by Kosuke Kaizuka.

Version 20.2 - Show active power plans. Added possibility to switch between power plans from gadget.

Version 20.1 - Improved flyout.

Version 20.0 - Added support up to 32 cores/threads. Determine hibernate status and show/hide hibernate icon.

Version 19.9 - Optimize code.

Version 19.8 - Allow change graphs height from 20 to 99px.

Version 19.7 - Fixed bug with graphs.

Version 19.6 - Improved code. Fixed bug with graphs.

Version 19.5 - Allow save "Record" to disk after specific time.

Version 19.4 - Improved main timer algorithm.

Version 19.3 - Improved working with parking in settings. Change "Apply changes" button behavior.

Version 19.2 - Improved Italian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Hindi, Indonesian and Catalonian languages.

Version 19.1 - Change parking algorithm (now working with AD and DC power). Improved work in Windows 8/8.1. Fixed WEI bug in Windows 8.

Version 19.0 - Allow to change core parking settings.

Version 18.9 - Added settings for hide button in PC Control panel. You can disabled confirmation message for perform action in PC Control panel.

Version 18.8 - Improved Indonesian translation by elda taluta.

Version 18.7 - Added PC Control panel.

Version 18.6 - Improved code.

Version 18.5 - Added two methods of memory usage percentage styles.

Version 18.4 - Fixed Polish and Brazilian Portuguese translations.

Version 18.3 - Improved work with WEI in flyout window. Fixed bug with WEI and Windows8.

Version 18.2 - Added Uptime/Record and Processes/Threads/Processor Queue Length information. Make HT and Processor Queue Length clickable for get more information about it.

Version 18.1 - Improved work with core parking in settings.

Version 18.0 - In Windows 8/8.1 change picture in determining WEI flyout to Modern UI style. Added operate with parking core from gadget's settings. Change number 10 in settings tab to A.

Version 17.9 - Allow run WinSAT for getting WEI under Windows 8.1.

Version 17.8 - Added Czech translation by Jiří Škorpil.

Version 17.7 - Fixed Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Version 17.6 - Fixed Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Version 17.5 - Fixed Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Version 17.4 - Added Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Version 17.3 - Improved work with multi CPU systems.

Version 17.2 - Improved work with multi CPU systems.

Version 17.1 - Cosmetic changes in settings.

Version 17.0 - Added Slovak translation by Ivan Očadlík.

Version 16.9 - Added Hindi translation by Raunak Dutta.

Version 16.8 - Fixed Italian translation by Carlo Adami.

Version 16.7 - Added Indonesian translation by elda taluta.

Version 16.6 - Added broken WMI determining procedure.

Version 16.5 - Determine enable or disable performance counters.

Version 16.4 - Determine Hyper-Threading.

Version 16.3 - Added Catalonian translation by Jordi Bartrina.

Version 16.2 - Change cores usage calculation algorithm.

Version 16.1 - Change Autoscale procedure behavior.

Version 16.0 - Added Autoscale DPI option (#1 settings tab).

Version 15.8 - Improved code.

Version 15.7 - Fixed bug with logging in multi CPU system.

Version 15.6 - Fixed bugs with negative cores usage value and logging in multi CPU system.

Version 15.5 - Optimize code.

Version 15.4 - Improved CPU usage calculation.

Version 15.3 - Fixed French translation by Sylvain Legrand.

Version 15.2 - Added Italian translation by Paolo Caporali.

Version 15.1 - Added French translation by Largo.

Version 15.0 - Fixed bug with output temperatures for multi CPU systems with HT enabled in 'combined' mode.

Version 14.9 - Improved logging.

Version 14.8 - Fixed bug with show parking status if case more than 10 cores per CPU. Added Chinese Traditional translation by Ellis Chang. Added Macedonian translation by Vasil F. Bachovski.

Version 14.7 - Added Chinese Simplified translation by Luping.

Version 14.6 - Added Turkish translation by Celal Osmanbas.

Version 14.5 - Fixed bug with show parking status for multi CPU systems and under Windows 8 Release Preview.

Version 14.4 - Added show CPU frequency graph and log CPU frequency. Added Romanian translation by Ciprian Manolache.

Version 14.3 - Added German translation by Jonas Bauer.

Version 14.2 - Added Dutch translation by Jonas Haezebrouck.

Version 14.1 - Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Rafael "R4to0" Maciel Alves and Spanish translation by Antonio Moreno Gamez.

Version 14.0 - Added Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Version 13.41 - Added "Disable show wheel on gadget start for multi CPU system" option.

Version 13.40 - Added "Show cores for multi CPU" option.

Version 13.30 - You can use mouse wheel for switching between CPUs and different CPU's settings in multi CPU system. Don't forget click on gadget's body before use wheel.

Version 13.21 - Change "Restore factory default settings" function behavior.

Version 13.20 - Added support for five cores CPU (in case Phenom II X4 960T CPU with one unlocked core or same).

Version 13.10 - Added auto switching between CPU setting. Added two methods of CPU clock calculation.

Version 13.01 - Improved code. Fixed bugs.

Version 13.0 - Optimize code. Fixed bugs. From this version gadget doesn't support Windows XP.

Version 12.05 - Added "Restore factory default settings" button.

Version 12.04 - Fixed bug in settings.

Version 12.03 - Different ini files for different CPUs added.

Version 12.02 - Fixed bug with wrong CPU load graph.

Version 12.01 - Fixed collision in settings. Improved code. Works on Windows XP again.

Version 12.0 - Supports multi CPU system.

Version 11.81 - Improved code.

Version 11.80 - Added "Enable get WEI from WMI" option.

Version 11.74 - Same element open and close flyout.

Version 11.73 - Improved settings interface.

Version 11.72 - Improved interface.

Version 11.71 - Added custom refresh rate (1-999 sec).

Version 11.70 - Added sounds when operate with flyout.

Version 11.63 - Added new information into bubble string.

Version 11.62 - Cosmetic changes in main view.

Version 11.61 - Fixed bug with fill graph type.

Version 11.60 - Added update notifier.

Version 11.55 - "Stacked graph for the CPU" option added.

Version 11.54 - Improved interface. Fixed bug.

Version 11.53 - "Allow get CPUID and clock from CoreTemp" option added.

Version 11.52 - Improved code.

Version 11.51 - Improved WEI picture. Improved code. Change version numbering.

Version 11.5 - Added WEI picture into flyout.

Version 11.4 - Added WEI into flyout.

Version 11.3 - Added new features. Improved code.

Version 11.2 - Fixed bug in settings. Improved code.

Version 11.1 - Fixed bug in settings.

Version 11.0 - Added "All-in-one graph type" option.

Version 10.9 - Added change graph line width and hide gridlines on a graph.

Version 10.8 - Allow hide "Title" and "Copyright".

Version 10.7 - Added logging.

Version 10.6 - Enable click-cycle load/temperatures graph.

Version 10.5 - Fixed bugs.

Version 10.4 - Fixed bugs.

Version 10.3 - Added temperatures graph identification watermark.

Version 10.2 - Minor changes.

Version 10.1 - Added change between load and temperatures graphs. Allow temperatures graphs scaling.

Version 10.0 - Added color changeable for all gadget's elements (background, each core, graph, ram, clock and font). Added support for Twenty Four Core.

Version 9.7 - Minor changes.

Version 9.6 - Added scale MB to GB in numbers.

Version 9.5 - VIA CPU support added.

Version 9.4 - Tracking for cores and CPU overheat added.

Version 9.3 - Fixed wrong parking status output.

Version 9.2 - Fixed bugs.

Version 9.1 - Many settings added.

Version 9.0 - Shows cores temperatures (CoreTemp must be running on the background).

Version 8.8 - New settings futures added.

Version 8.6 - Save settings to file. (File will be created - Path: %APPDATA% File: gadgetname_Settings.ini). Fixed bugs.

Version 8.4 - Fixed bugs.

Version 8.3 - Change "Ram" into "RAM". Allow option not to display each graph. Little bug fixed.

Version 8.2 - Allow option graph not to display.

Version 8.1 - Fixed bugs.

Version 8.0 - Uses two bar graphs mode. Many settings.

Version 7.0 - Added size adjustable.

Version 6.0 - Check for update button added.

Version 5.4 - Fixed bug (thanks to Craig Schreiner).

Version 5.3 - High CPU utilization problem fixed. Improved graphs.

Version 4.0 - Tracking for core parking added.