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NIC Watcher overview

Version 2.1 released at 05/18/2022

Both a computer specialist and a simple user sometimes face the problem that the devices that computer is equipped with does not always work properly. According to Murphy’s laws, this is not happening at the most appropriate moment. It is not always convenient to get distracted from work and check devices. One of such devices, the failure of which can lead to data loss is Network Interface Card, or NIC for short.

NIC Watcher is a tiny Windows 11 and Windows 10 sidebar gadget that can help you protect your data from damage or losses. This tool can easily retrieve connection status information. At a glance, you’ll be able to tell the status of your pre-specified NIC, whether it’s working as intended, or having problems.

For convenience’ sake, it is possible to configure the NIC Watcher not only to show a visual warning, but also to play special sounds in case the NIC does not work properly. Custom notification sounds can also be assigned to other events, such as a newly established connection or a change in the connection status. You can set the default sound or select a different sound, in the WAV format, to play when the alarm is triggered.

The user is allowed to modify the alert time, which is measured in seconds. Be careful when using too high values in a time field. In any case, you can interrupt the sound signal, click on the stop icon.

You must configure NIC for watching beforehand. The gadget can be configured to watch over up to eight controllers at once, displaying a new instance for each. This means you must launch a new NIC Watcher gadget for each connected network adapter. For convenient use, you can lock selected NIC for use in future after next shut down. Besides, NIC Watcher can keep an eye even on the status of the wireless connection provided by a router.

Also, try our Connection Watcher gadget to track your Internet connection.

Special features

  1. Double click on background will show Network And Sharing Center.
  2. Use start/stop button (Start/ Stop) for watching control.

Show changelog

Version 2.2 - Fixed bad coding style. (Released at 05/18/2022).

Version 2.1 - Fixed bad grammar Dave Moebius. (Released at 04/07/2020).

Version 2.0 - Fixed bugs. (Released at 04/03/2020).

Version 1.9 - Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10. (Released at 08/08/2019).

Version 1.8 - Improved working with NICs in settings. (Released at 03/10/2019).

Version 1.7 - Added “Hide” settings tab. Added alias field for NIC. (Released at 09/24/2018).

Version 1.6 - Overhauled HTML. Improved code. Fixed bug with sizing. (Released at 08/08/2018).

Version 1.5 - Improved NIC determining algorithm. (Released at 11/20/2017).

Version 1.3 - Fixed bug with “Locks selection”.

Version 1.2 - New setting added.

Version 1.1 - Change NIC determining algorithm.

Version 1.0 - Initial release.