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AdSense Earnings Calculator

How much money can you earn with AdSense?

This tool uses the basic metrics (views, CTR, CPC) to calculate daily earnings. But it goes a step further by showing how your yearly earnings can change depending on the rate of monthly earnings increases.

About AdSense Earnings Calculator

When you launch a new website, the very first thing you will be speculating about is how much income you stand to earn from AdSense. It takes a considerable amount of time to work this out manually; therefore, Windows10Gadgets team has created the AdSense Earnings Calculator. Our free online AdSense calculator will evaluate how much you’ll gain on AdSense based on CTR, Page Impressions and CPC.

You can use our tool to evaluate your AdSense earnings without any problem. We offer this tool with information involving your page CTR, Cost Per Click, and daily page impressions. Our tool will fetch that information and provide you a comprehensive report with a projected daily, monthly or yearly income, in addition to the number of clicks your website will get.

A number of novice webmasters or bloggers should be concerned about the AdSense earning or how to look for a way to compute AdSense. To help you with your query, we at Windows10Gadgets have decided to explain about AdSense calculator. These are easy to use tools that will assist you to find out projected earning specifically based on the CTR, CPC and page impression. Now the ultimate question is, are you acquainted with these three terms? If not, then let’s provide a glimpse of eyes in order to learn the terms in a few minutes. Our AdSense Calculator supports AdSense users recognize what affects their prospective earnings allowing users to try out with values:

  1. Daily Page Impressions: The average traffic your website receives on a single day. It’s best to calculate the number based on data from over a long period—such as last quarter or last year. This way, any sudden spikes or decline in traffic will average out during calculation.
  2. Click Through Rate (CTR): Click through rate is the number of times your ads are clicked per 100 served impressions. One of the most direct ways to grow ad revenue to increase your CTR. CTRs typically lie between the range of 0.14% to 0.84%, with 0.35% being the average.
  3. Cost per Click (CPC): The average revenue generated by a single click. To calculate this number, divide your total revenue generated in a given period by the total number of clicks in that period. CPC depends on many factors, with the industry average being 0.75%.

Average CTR / CPC by Industry

Consumer services0.20%$0.81
Dating & personals0.52%$1.49
Employment services0.14%$0.78
Finance & insurance0.33%$0.86
Health & medical0.31%$0.63
Home goods0.37%$0.60
Industrial services0.35%$0.54
Real estate0.24%$0.75
Travel & hospitality0.47%$0.44

Average CTR / CPC by Country

United States0.75%$0.61
United Kingdom1.06%$0.48
New Zealand1.21%$0.33
South Africa1.13%$0.26
United Arab Emirates1.37%$0.15

How to increase your earnings?

  1. More Views
    a. Publish & Promote More Frequently / Effectively
  2. Higher CTR
    a. Experiment With Placements
  3. Higher CPC
    a. Research High Paying Topics

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