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BOINC Monitor overview

Version 9.97 released at 02/26/2023

BOINC Monitor

BOINC lets you contribute computing power on your home PC to projects doing research in many scientific areas. You can contribute to a single project, or to any combination of them. You can find more on official BOINC site BOINC

BOINC Monitor is a small Windows 10 gadget that displays the BOINC tasks progress right on your desktop. If you want to help science by using distributed computing on your computer, you know the BOINC software platform for volunteer computing. Maybe you use not one computer for this. To monitor all these computers on which the BOINC client operates is designed our BOINC Monitor gadget.

You must right set up the BOINC data folder. Typically, it is %PROGRAMDATA%\BOINC\ folder. This folder contains a special client_state.xml file. This file provides all data that is used by gadget. You can run up to eight instances of gadget for different client_state.xml files. Network drives are allowed too.

BOINC Monitor supports two methods to get data: standard and advanced. In the last case, a gadget is used with a few additional files to provide more information, e.g. graphics card, etc.

Project names and URLs can be changed anytime. You can edit it from a gadget. Use the “Edit projects list” button on the edit settings tab (it is marked by the edit icon Edit). Don’t forget to close settings after the finished edition. Moreover, you can manually edit the projects list. It is saved into allprojectslist.xml file and located into gadget’s home folders.

All in all, BOINC Monitor comes in handy to all users who want to get an overview of their BOINC tasks progress right on their desktop.

BOINC Monitor features explained:

BOINC Monitor gadget

Special features

  1. Network drives for watching progress are allowed.
  2. Click on BOINC logo icon BOINC for show flyout window with project details.
  3. Click host name (like localhost) to show host details.
  4. Hover mouse to project’s name (SETI, Prime, etc.) for show any additional info.
  5. In the fly-out window, click on “Project URL” or “CPID” to copy the corresponding element into the buffer (clipboard).
  6. Hover mouse to each WU bar to show details about this WU.
  7. Hover mouse on GPU vendor icon (NVIDIA / ATI / Intel GPU) to show detail about GPU.
  8. The Number on the GPU vendor icon (NVIDIA / ATI / Intel GPU) indicates GPU number for this WU. You need to check the appropriate box in #3 setup tab. Don’t work if you choose standard calculate mode or if you have only one GPU.
  9. Click on Previous project or Next project for the Previous/Next project.
  10. Hover mouse to each graph to show details about this graph.
  11. Click on the project’s name to open the project’s site.
  12. Click on the icon to open ccConfig (thanks to Gang Yin).
  13. Double click on background run BOINC Manager or BoincTasks.

Advice1: If you use BOINC Monitor for watching progress on a remote computer, you must choose the proper path for client_state.xml file. Use Select button for this. Don’t forget to give the BOINC Monitor permission to access this folder and client_state.xml file. More about permission, see File and Folder Permissions.

Advice2: If you see “A semi colon character was expected” (Error: -1072896760) message, go to Troubleshooting & F.A.Q. for explanation.

Show changelog

Version 9.97 - Overhauled and decreased HTML. Cosmetic changes. (Released at 02/26/2023).

Version 9.96 - Improved code. Fixed bug with determining projects. (Released at 10/14/2022).

Version 9.95 - New projects added. (Released at 05/16/2021).

Version 9.94 - Improved usability. (Released at 02/09/2021).

Version 9.93 - Improved usability. (Released at 01/01/2021).

Version 9.92 - Remove obsolete projects. Cosmetic improvements. (Released at 07/13/2020).

Version 9.91 - Fixed bug in average calculation procedure. (Released at 07/11/2020).

Version 9.90 - Cosmetic changes. (Released at 05/14/2020).

Version 9.89 - New projects added. (Released at 03/10/2020).

Version 9.88 - Improved code. (Released at 02/17/2020).

Version 9.87 - Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10. (Released at 08/07/2019).

Version 9.86 - Cosmeic changes in graphs. (Released at 04/26/2019).

Version 9.85 - Added a project, changed an URL and removed some retired projects. (Released at 02/11/2019).

Version 9.84 - Cosmetic changes. (Released at 08/10/2018).

Version 9.83 - Minor changes. (Released at 07/21/2018).

Version 9.82 - New project added. (Released at 06/21/2018).

Version 9.81 - Improve work with graphs. (Released at 05/17/2018).

Version 9.80 - New projects added. Remove obsolete project. (Released at 04/08/2018).

Version 9.79 - Change algorithm for display graphs. Added settings for work with graphs (#5 settings tab). (Released at 03/21/2018).

Version 9.78 - Change algorithm for show graphs. Minor improvements in settings. (Released at 03/13/2018).

Version 9.77 - Fixed bug in settings. Improved code. Cosmetic changes. (Released at 12/23/2017).

Version 9.76 - Improved code. (Released at 12/03/2017).

Version 9.75 - Cosmetic changes. Update allprojectlist.xml file. (Released at 11/10/2017).

Version 9.74 - Change some URLs to https:// in gadget. Update allprojectlist.xml file. (Released at 09/12/2017).

Version 9.73 - Add new and remove obsolete projects. (Released at 08/17/2017).

Version 9.72 - Add new 8.08 (alt) SETI@home and SETI@home beta WUs. Update allprojectlist.xml file. (Released at 07/25/2017).

Version 9.71 - Add new 8.07 (alt) SETI@home beta WUs. (Released at 07/05/2017).

Version 9.70 - Add new SETI@home beta WUs. Changed some URLs in the allprojectlist.xml.

Version 9.69 - Remove obsolete SETI@home and SETI@home beta WUs. New project added.

Version 9.67 - Improved work on computers with two or more different videocards.

Version 9.66 - Fixed work on computers with two or more different videocards. E.g. first NVIDIA and then two ATI.

Version 9.65 - New project added.

Version 9.64 - Determine new SETI@home WU. Remove obsolete SETI@home WU.

Version 9.63 - Overhauled HTML.

Version 9.62 - Determine new SETI@home WU. Remove obsolete SETI@home WU.

Version 9.61 - Determine new SETI@home WU. Remove obsolete SETI@home WU.

Version 9.60 - Fixed bug with getting host name from client_state.xml file.

Version 9.59 - Determine new SETI@home beta WUs. Remove obsolete SETI@home beta WUs.

Version 9.58 - Allow get host name from client_state.xml file.

Version 9.57 - Added new flyout. Fixed bugs.

Version 9.56 - Determine new SETI@home beta WUs. Remove obsolete SETI@home beta WUs.

Version 9.55 - Determine new SETI@home beta WUs. Remove obsolete SETI@home beta WUs. New project added.

Version 9.54 - Determine new SETI@home WUs. Remove obsolete SETI@home WUs.

Version 9.53 - Determine new SETI@home beta WUs. Remove obsolete SETI@home beta WUs.

Version 9.52 - Determine new SETI@home beta WUs.

Version 9.51 - Improved code. Other improvements with information (bubble window).

Version 9.50 - Added WU name in WU detail bubble window.

Version 9.49 - Allow users read settings for each individual instances. Fixed bugs with working with network drives.

Version 9.48 - Determine new SETI@home beta WUs.

Version 9.47 - New projects added. Recognize http and https into project’s URL. Fixed bugs.

Version 9.46 - New projects added.

Version 9.45 - Determine new SETI@home WUs. Fixed bug with determining “8.12” SETI@home beta WUs.

Version 9.44 - Remove obsolete projects. Determine new SETI@home beta WUs.

Version 9.43 - New project added. Determine new SETI@home beta WUs.

Version 9.42 - New project added. Optimize code.

Version 9.41 - Determine new SETI@home beta WUs. Optimize code.

Version 9.40 - Allow run up to 8 copies of the gadget with each individual settings. Added custom computer host name to each copy of gadget. Reorganized settings. Remove obsolete setting.

Version 9.39 - Determine GPU v8 WU for SETI@home and new SETI@home beta WUs. New project added.

Version 9.38 - Determine new v8 WUs for SETI@home and SETI@home beta.

Version 9.37 - Fixed rare bug under Windows 10.

Version 9.36 - Change open project’s site algorithm.

Version 9.35 - New project added.

Version 9.34 - Cosmetic changes in determining SETI@home and SETI@home beta WUs.

Version 9.33 - Removed support for obsolete v6 tasks.

Version 9.32 - New project added.

Version 9.31 - Improved WUs determining for SETI@home and SETI@home beta.

Version 9.30 - Remove obsolete and added new WUs determining for SETI@home beta. Change projects list. Fixed bugs in settings.

Version 9.29 - Remove obsolete and added new WUs determining for SETI@home.

Version 9.28 - New project added.

Version 9.27 - Added access to SETI@home World Visualization and SETI@home Server status pages.

Version 9.26 - New projects added.

Version 9.25 - Improved code. Remove retired projects. Fixed bugs.

Version 9.24 - Improved usability. Change update notifier algorithm.

Version 9.23 - Change projects determining algorithm.

Version 9.22 - New project added.

Version 9.21 - Recognize SETI@home beta WUs.

Version 9.20 - New project added.

Version 9.19 - Determine Astropulse v7 WUs for SETI@home.

Version 9.18 - Determine Intel integrated graphics for WU added. New projects added. Improved code.

Version 9.17 - Fixed issue with graphics. Support statistic not only default 30 days.

Version 9.16 - New projects added. Determine SETI@home v7 WU opencl_ati_nocal added.

Version 9.15 - Determine SETI@home v7 WU opencl_intel_gpu_sah added.

Version 9.14 - Change few projects URLs. Improved code.

Version 9.13 - Allow open ccConfig (thanks to Gang Yin) from gadget. Cosmetic changes.

Version 9.12 - Change graphics output algorithm.

Version 9.11 - Improved graphics output algorithm.

Version 9.10 - Change graphics output algorithm.

Version 9.09 - Remove obsolete applications and added new for SETI@home project.

Version 9.08 - Fixed issue with graphics.

Version 9.07 - Improved working with GPU. Improved work with Sudoku project.

Version 9.06 - Recognize GPU details for all supported projects.

Version 9.05 - Remove retired project. Fix SETI@home beta project determining.

Version 9.04 - Improved code.

Version 9.03 - Improved recognize SETI@home WUs.

Version 9.02 - You can run more than one copy of gadget and use network drives for show stats from other computers.

Version 9.01 - Fixed bars position.

Version 9.00 - Recognize GPU (Nvidia and ATI) WUs for all projects. Show GPU number on GPU vendor icon (#3 settings tab). Remove retired projects. New projects added.

Version 8.88 - Determine SETI@home v7 WUs added.

Version 8.87 - Improved working with graphs.

Version 8.86 - Remove retired project.

Version 8.85 - New project added.

Version 8.84 - Added “Autoscale DPI” option (#1 settings tab). Fixed run BoincTasks under 64bit OS.

Version 8.83 - New project added.

Version 8.82 - Improved code.

Version 8.81 - New project added.

Version 8.80 - Change double click function behavior (enables run BoincTasks).

Version 8.79 - Fixed bug.

Version 8.78 - New project added.

Version 8.77 - New project added. Remove retired projects.

Version 8.76 - Remove obsolete Astropulse v5 for SETI@home project. Optimize flyout code.

Version 8.75 - Determine Astropulse v6 for SETI@home project added. Show client_state.xml button in settings added.

Version 8.74 - New project added.

Version 8.73 - DNA project’s URL changed.

Version 8.72 - Added “Restore factory default settings” button.

Version 8.71 - New project added.

Version 8.70 - Click on project’s name opens project’s site.

Version 8.69 - Fixed bug.

Version 8.68 - Improved flyout.

Version 8.67 - New project added. Help message in settings added.

Version 8.66 - New project added.

Version 8.65 - New project added.

Version 8.64 - Improved settings.

Version 8.63 - “There are no running tasks” error message added.

Version 8.62 - New project added.

Version 8.61 - Same element open and close flyout.

Version 8.60 - Double click on background run BOINC client.

Version 8.50 - Added custom refresh rate (1-999 sec). Added sounds when operate with flyout.

Version 8.40 - Shows up to 99 tasks.

Version 8.32 - New project added.

Version 8.31 - Fill graph style option added.

Version 8.30 - Added update notifier.

Version 8.25 - Improved code.

Version 8.24 - Allow to remember last shown in graph project.

Version 8.23 - New project added.

Version 8.22 - Added size adjustable for flyout.

Version 8.21 - Improved code. New icon added. Change version numbering.

Version 8.2 - New projects added.

Version 8.1 - New projects added.

Version 8.0 - Add new calculation method. Allow show active WUs only.

Version 7.2 - Change “BOINC” to “Unknown BOINC” in some projects names. Add new settings.

Version 7.1 - Added “Custom Project Name” field into flyout window. New projects added.

Version 7.0 - Added graphs.

Version 6.4 - Improved code.

Version 6.3 - Added determine CPID into flyout window. Improved procedures.

Version 6.2 - BOINC data folder gets from registry. Fixed problem with some projects.

Version 6.1 - Fixed problem with SIMAP project.

Version 6.0 - Fixed work with wrong client_state.xml file. Added new setting. Added new projects. Remove old projects.

Version 5.0 - Additional info about projects added into flyout window.

Version 4.6 - Additional info about WU added.

Version 4.5 - Now work with BOINC version 6.12.26 and older version.

Version 4.4 - Allow hide “Title” and “Copyright”.

Version 4.3 - Improved settings.

Version 4.2 - Memory leaks in IE9 fixed, I hope.

Version 4.1 - Added “Edit projects list” button in settings.

Version 4.0 - You can add new BOINC projects in XML list file.

Version 3.3 - Fixed bug. New features in case SETI@home added.

Version 3.2 - Shows up to 20 tasks.

Version 3.1 - New projects added.

Version 3.0 - Added color changeable for all gadget’s elements.

Version 2.2 - Change size adjustable method.

Version 2.1 - Save settings to file. (File will be created - Path: %APPDATA% File: gadgetname_Settings.ini). New “Save counters” setting.

Version 2.0 - Check for update button added. Added size adjustable.

Version 1.4 - Improved errors procedures.