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Battery Monitor overview

Version 10.0 released at 02/27/2023

Battery Monitor is a Windows 10 sidebar gadget that helps you easily monitor your laptop battery details. Voltage, charge rate, current charge, max charge — these are just some details you can find out about your computer, thanks to Battery Monitor. For more information, the gadget shows graphics animated indicators. This visual indicator alerts the person of the current battery level of the laptop. Battery Monitor comes with sound notifications for laptop is plugged and unplugged, full battery mode, and you can establish the two battery critical levels for sound alerts. Two sound schemes are available. User-defined WAV sound files can also be used. You can also change the current power plan by one touch by selecting it from all available on the main gadget’s window. Unlike the other, the gadget shows the approximate time left before the battery is fully charged. Into the flyout window you can see additional battery characteristics that include very useful information about battery losses.

Battery Monitor only uses a small amount of memory, that is why it does not hurt your laptop. You can easily customize the interface by changing the color, background, and other elements of the gadget. There are a lot of settings, and if you want to customize everything to your liking, you will have to spend some time on it. Battery Monitor works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Battery Monitor features explained:

Battery Monitor gadget

Special features

  1. Click on battery icon or gadget’s title to show additional information into flyout window, click again — close flyout window
  2. Click on display icon (Monitor) for OFF your laptop monitor. Press any key to ON it again.
  3. Double click on background will show Power Options.

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Version 10.0 - Overhauled and decreased HTML. Updated Turkish translation by Burak Yavuz. (Released at 02/27/2023).

Version 9.9 - Improved code. (Released at 10/14/2022).

Version 9.8 - Added Croatian translation by Bruno Horvatic. (Released at 07/08/2022).

Version 9.7 - Updated Italian translation by Roberto Boriotti. (Released at 11/17/2021).

Version 9.6 - Some minor optimizations and code cleanup. (Released at 05/27/2021).

Version 9.5 - Fixed some elements overlap when gadget’s size more than 100%. (Released at 04/04/2021).

Version 9.4 - Changed main gadget’s icon. (Released at 02/06/2021).

Version 9.3 - Fixed turn off your laptop monitor under Windows 7. (Released at 09/02/2020).

Version 9.2 - Updated French translation by LogoLargo. (Released at 08/18/2020).

Version 9.1 - Updated Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified translations by akjz. (Released at 02/26/2020).

Version 9.0 - Improved code. (Released at 02/19/2020).

Version 8.9 - Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10. (Released at 08/11/2019).

Version 8.8 - Improved usability. (Released at 04/29/2019).

Version 8.7 - Improved work with languages in settings. (Released at 03/30/2019).

Version 8.6 - Changed algorithm working with power schemas. (Released at 03/11/2019).

Version 8.5 - Fixed bugs. (Released at 03/05/2019).

Version 8.4 - Some minor optimizations and code cleanup. Update Japanese translation. (Released at 09/05/2018).

Version 8.3 - Minor improvements. (Released at 07/11/2018).

Version 8.2 - Fixed Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz. Improved code. Fixed bug. (Released at 05/30/2018).

Version 8.1 - Determining “Ultimate Performance power scheme” that added in Windows 10 Redstone 4 (version 1803). (Released at 04/21/2018).

Version 8.0 - Added Hungarian translation by DirektX. (Released at 01/26/2018).

Version 7.9 - Improved code. Cosmetic changes in resizing. (Released at 01/10/2018).

Version 7.8 - Improved code. Fixed bugs. (Released at 12/24/2017).

Version 7.7 - Improved code. Change animation when charge algorithm. (Released at 11/27/2017).

Version 7.6 - Improved code. Fixed bug with switch power plan if AC is plugged again. (Released at 11/21/2017).

Version 7.5 - Improved code. Fixed bug - doesn’t remove program for ON/OFF display from memory. (Released at 10/22/2017).

Version 7.3 - Improved settings.

Version 7.2 - Overhauled HTML. Added Dutch translation by Marcel Keiman (The Rambler).

Version 7.1 - Fixed bug.

Version 7.0 - Improved code. Improved settings usability.

Version 6.9 - Change working with sound algorithm in settings.

Version 6.7 - Added German translation by Jörg Bornwasser.

Version 6.6 - Added Belorussian translation by Kanstantsin Melnikau.

Version 6.5 - Improved code.

Version 6.4 - Improved code. Fixed bug with display custom power plans.

Version 6.3 - Change update notifier algorithm.

Version 6.2 - Improved code.

Version 6.1 - Added Japanese translation by Kosuke Kaizuka.

Version 6.0 - Fixed little bug with animations.

Version 5.9 - Added “human voices” for sounds. Fixed bug with sounds.

Version 5.8 - Added “Maximum charge” information on main screen. Improved code. Fixed bug.

Version 5.7 - Added Hindi translation by Raunak Dutta.

Version 5.6 - Added Slovak translation by Ivan Očadlík.

Version 5.5 - Fixed bug with plugged/unplugged sounds.

Version 5.4 - Added Czech translation by Jiří Škorpil.

Version 5.3 - Added Italian translation by Carlo Adami.

Version 5.2 - Added Indonesian translation by elda taluta.

Version 5.1 - Show only active power plans.

Version 5.0 - Fixed bugs. Added Polish translation by The Witcher.

Version 4.9 - Added possibility to off your laptop monitor.

Version 4.8 - Added Catalonian translation by Jordi Bartrina.

Version 4.7 - Added Autoscale DPI option (#1 settings tab).

Version 4.6 - Added support 6 additional power plans.

Version 4.5 - Added French translation by Pascal Legendre.

Version 4.4 - Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Rafael “R4to0” Maciel Alves.

Version 4.3 - Added Chinese Traditional and Chinese Simplified translations by Ellis Chang.

Version 4.2 - Improved auto switch between power plans when AC adapter plugged/unplugged.

Version 4.1 - Added auto switch between power plans when AC adapter plugged/unplugged. Added Spanish translation by Diego Manuel Vazquez. Added Turkish translation by Celal Osmanbas.

Version 4.0 - Added Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Version 3.10 - Full battery sound added.

Version 3.01 - New settings added.

Version 3.0 - Wrong version.

Version 2.7 - Fixed bug.

Version 2.6 - Change “Restore factory default settings” function behavior.

Version 2.5 - Added “Restore factory default settings” button.

Version 2.4 - Improved interface.

Version 2.3 - Improved code.

Version 2.2 - Fixed bugs.

Version 2.1 - Added two types of charging animation in settings.

Version 2.0 - Added alarm sounds.

Version 1.8 - Same element open and close flyout.

Version 1.7 - Added sounds when operate with flyout.

Version 1.6 - Added “Play sound when plugged/unplugged” option.

Version 1.5 - Improved code. Added “Enable animation while charging” option.

Version 1.4 - Added additional information into flyout window.

Version 1.3 - Fixed bugs.

Version 1.1 - Many settings added.

Version 1.0 - Release version.