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Top Process Monitor overview

Version 9.2 released at 01/20/2018

Top Process Monitor

This comprehensive Windows 10 gadget is designed to track the most resource-intensive processes in the operating system. It help you to know how and which programs or processes on your computer utilize most of all in real time. You can also check your current CPU level and the total number of threads included.

Gadget is user-friendly even for inexperienced users. Top Process Monitor comes with several configurable settings. So, you can select the to processes mode between CPU, memory (Working Set), PageFiles, Virtual Memory, IO (Bytes read/written), read, write, total read and total write. Also you can make cycle through all the aforementioned modes on click. Besides you can as well as establish the double-click action (Task Manager, Resource Monitor, Performance Monitor, or none).

Very useful customize option is a color identifier heavy used memory processes. On top of that, gadget can inform you if it working under one of most popular virtual machine.

Top Process monitor does not put a strain on the computer, as it uses a low amount of CPU and system memory. Aside from the fact that it looks simple and cute, you can be sure that this Windows 10 gadget can give you what you need. Top Process Monitor works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems.

Top Process Monitor gadget

Special features

  1. Click on icon for cycle between processes (you must setup processes in settings first)
  2. Hover mouse to any process shows some additional information (ProcessID, priority, number of threads, path)
  3. Double click on background show Task Manager, Resource Monitor or Performance Monitor

Show changelog

Version 9.2 - Dramatically improve CPU usage calculation algorithm. Fixed bug in settings. (Released at 01/20/2018).

Version 9.1 - Reorganize settings. Improve code. Added new settings tab "Cycle". Update French translation by Pascal Legendre. Cosmetic changes. (Released at 12/21/2017).

Version 9.0 - Allow combine similar processes (#2 settings tab). (Released at 12/12/2017).

Version 8.2 - Improve code. Fixed bug in settings. (Released at 12/04/2017).

Version 8.1 - Improve usability. Improve code. (Released at 09/10/2017).

Version 8.0 - Fixed bug. (Released at 06/03/2017).

Version 7.8 - Improve settings usability.

Version 7.7 - Overhauled HTML. Added Dutch translation by Marcel Keiman (The Rambler).

Version 7.5 - Improve code. Fixed bugs.

Version 7.4 - Update German translation by Jörg Bornwasser.

Version 7.3 - Added Belorussian translation by Kanstantsin Melnikau.

Version 7.2 - Fixed Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Version 7.1 - Fixed Japanese translation by Kosuke Kaizuka.

Version 7.0 - Determine work under VMware, VirtualBox and Hyper-V.

Version 6.9 - In additional information show path to process.

Version 6.8 - Change update notifier algorithm.

Version 6.7 - Added Japanese translation by Kosuke Kaizuka.

Version 6.6 - Improve code. Added new setting (#2 tab).

Version 6.5 - Added Czech translation by Jiří Škorpil.

Version 6.4 - Added Hindi translation by Raunak Dutta.

Version 6.3 - Added Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz.

Version 6.2 - Added Slovak translation by Ivan Očadlík.

Version 6.1 - Added total memory usage.

Version 6.0 - Added Italian translation by Carlo Adami.

Version 5.9 - Improve interface.

Version 5.8 - Fixed Indonesian translation by elda taluta.

Version 5.7 - Fixed wrong output threads.

Version 5.6 - Added Indonesian translation by elda taluta.

Version 5.5 - Added broken WMI determining procedure.

Version 5.4 - Determine enable or disable performance counters.

Version 5.3 - Added Catalonian translation by Jordi Bartrina.

Version 5.2 - Change cores usage calculation algorithm.

Version 5.1 - Added Autoscale DPI option (#1 settings tab).

Version 5.0 - Fixed bug.

Version 4.9 - Improve code.

Version 4.8 - Added French translation by Pascal Legendre.

Version 4.7 - Click on "CPU processes" string - copy processes list to buffer (for CPU processes only).

Version 4.6 - Added total CPU usage.

Version 4.5 - Added Macedonian translation by Vasil F. Bachovski.

Version 4.4 - Added German translation by Jonas Bauer.

Version 4.3 - Added Spanish translation by Diego Manuel Vazquez.

Version 4.2 - Added Brazilian Portuguese translation by Rafael "R4to0" Maciel Alves.

Version 4.1 - Added Turkish translation by Celal Osmanbas.

Version 4.0 - Added Ukrainian and Russian languages.

Version 3.7 - Fixed bugs.

Version 3.6 - Fixed bug.

Version 3.5 - Added custom double-click action.

Version 3.4 - Added custom refresh rate (1-999 sec).

Version 3.3 - Improve code.

Version 3.2 - Fixed bugs.

Version 3.1 - Unlimited processes to show.

Version 3.0 - Added update notifier. Improve interface.

Version 2.9 - Improve interface.

Version 2.8 - Hover mouse to any process shows some additional information (ProcessID, priority, number of threads).

Version 2.7 - Added total processes/threads info.

Version 2.6 - Fixed bugs.

Version 2.5 - Improve code.

Version 2.4 - Allow hide "Title" and "Copyright".

Version 2.3 - Fixed bugs.

Version 2.2 - Improve Cycle processes procedure.

Version 2.1 - Changed order in processes list (by request).

Version 2.0 - Fixed bugs in "Read" and "Write" sections. Added "Total read" and "Total write" sections.

Version 1.3 - New futures added.

Version 1.2 - Fixed bugs: wrong value in PageFile sections.

Version 1.1 - New settings added.

Version 1.0 - Release version.