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Weather Monitor overview

Version 11.1 released at 02/27/2023

Weather Monitor

Weather Monitor is a non-intrusive and real-time weather prediction Windows 10 sidebar gadget designed for displays the current and future weather conditions in your and/or any city in the world. As you open the gadget a lot of information will show up like current temperature, the atmospheric pressure, air humidity, visibility (expressed in km), UV index, wind (including Beaufort scale) and precipitation. In addition to that, the exact sunrise and sunset hours, and the lunar phase are featured in the application and the time when the update was made (default 30 min, but users always have the choice to change it).

Aside from tracking the current weather, the main screen also presents a three different small button that enables you to open into fly-out window information the weather forecast for the following nine days, astronomy information about Sunrise, Sunset, Moonrise, Moonset and rising and setting of other planets of the solar system and information geomagnetic storms monitor. See details about Geomagnetic storms scales.

The settings panel is quite extensive. You can change the measurement of all weather units, provided by gadget. Also, you can select a city in the world where the weather you wish to track. There are two ways to select the city. Choose city code from the list, provided by gadget. It contains many of the most popular cities in the world. You can see How to find my city topic for details. If you can’t see your city in the list, try to find your city code using our instrument for Find my city code for Weather Monitor.

Furthermore, you can opt to show or hide some of the details about weather conditions, change all colors including background and change the icons used in the gadget.

Weather condition provided by Accuweather.
Geomagnetic storms scales are kindly provided by Space Weather Prediction Center National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Special features

  1. Hover mouse to the weather picture (left up corner in main window or into fly-out window) to show additional information.
  2. Click on the refresh icon refresh for the refresh gadget.
  3. Click on Forecast icon to open the forecast into the fly-out window.
  4. Click on Solar System icon to open astronomy into the fly-out window.
  5. Click on Geamagnetic Storms icon to open the geomagnetic storms monitor into the fly-out window.
  6. Hover mouse to sunrise or sunset to show day length.
  7. Hover mouse to city string to show state/region/country.

Show changelog

Version 11.1 - Fixed overlap into geomagnetic storms window. Overhauled and decreased HTML. (Released at 02/27/2023).

Version 11.0 - Fixed wrong geomagnetic storms data output due it changed on data site. (Released at 11/18/2022).

Version 10.9 - Improved code. (Released at 10/16/2022).

Version 10.8 - Fixed correct wind speed into forecast window. (Released at 09/12/2022).

Version 10.7 - Added information to forecast window. (Released at 07/24/2022).

Version 10.6 - Fixed bug with overlapping wind string. (Released at 03/15/2021).

Version 10.5 - Fixed bug with sizing. (Released at 02/13/2021).

Version 10.4 - Added icon for Moon phase on main gadget’s window (supports both Northern and Southern Hemispheres). Changed algorithm for calculation Moon phases. Changed main gadget’s icon. (Released at 01/27/2021).

Version 10.2 - Fixed bug with Liege, Belgium code. (Released at 01/18/2021).

Version 10.1 - Fixed bugs. (Released at 01/10/2021).

Version 10.0 - Improved code. (Released at 02/23/2020).

Version 9.8 - Fixed bug with autoscale DPI under Windows 10. (Released at 08/14/2019).

Version 9.7 - Fixed wind value overlap when you use imperial system. (Released at 05/31/2019).

Version 9.6 - Fixed wind value overlap bug. (Released at 05/29/2019).

Version 9.5 - Fixed wind value overlap. (Released at 05/27/2019).

Version 9.4 - Cosmetic changes. (Released at 04/20/2019).

Version 9.3 - Added Beaufort scale for wind. (Released at 04/15/2019).

Version 9.2 - Added Sun curves pics. Added new setting and remove obsolete setting (#4 settings tab). Fixed bug. (Released at 04/14/2019).

Version 9.0 - You can run more than one instance of the gadget with own individual settings. Reorganized settings. (Released at 03/14/2019).

Version 8.1 - Cosmetic changes in a main window. (Released at 02/06/2019).

Version 8.0 - Geomagnetic storms flyout now working again. (Released at 09/22/2018).

Version 7.9 - Added wind speed show in ft/s and knot. Some minor optimizations and code cleanup. Improved settings usability. (Released at 09/14/2018).

Version 7.8 - Fixed bug. Improved code. (Released at 08/11/2018).

Version 7.7 - Fixed bug with resizing. (Released at 07/16/2018).

Version 7.6 - Improved settings usability. (Released at 03/31/2018).

Version 7.5 - Fixed bug. (Released at 12/23/2017).

Version 7.4 - Improved usability. Eliminate unnecessary code. (Released at 12/11/2017).

Version 7.3 - Eliminate unnecessary code. (Released at 11/24/2017).

Version 7.2 - Eliminate “Adjust clock for daylight savings time” in #2 settings tab option. Add new “Time” tab in options. (Released at 11/12/2017).

Version 7.1 - “Adjust clock for daylight savings time” in #2 settings tab option added. (Released at 10/13/2017).

Version 7.0 - Add possibility to get data from accuweather site in metric or imperial system. Improved work with imperial system. (Released at 09/16/2017).

Version 6.8 - Improved code. Minor improvements in usability. (Released at 08/30/2017).

Version 6.7 - Improved usability. (Released at 08/24/2017).

Version 6.6 - Cosmetic changes in a main window. (Released at 07/25/2017).

Version 6.5 - Fixed bug with wrong showing after sleep mode. (Released at 06/22/2017).

Version 6.4 - Overhauled HTML. Fixed bug. (Released at 06/19/2017).

Version 6.3 - Cosmetic changes.

Version 6.1 - Improved code. Improved settings usability.

Version 6.0 - Fixed working under Windows 10 Insider Preview 14931.

Version 5.9 - New cities added. Added link to city code constructor.

Version 5.8 - New cities added.

Version 5.7 - New city added. Improved error procedures under Windows 10.

Version 5.6 - Fixed bug under Windows 10.

Version 5.5 - New cities added. Change location output. Hover mouse to city string for show state/region/country. Fixed bug under Windows 10.

Version 5.4 - New city added.

Version 5.3 - New city added.

Version 5.2 - Added “pause before run gadget” #3 settings tab.

Version 5.1 - Fixed bug with wrong geomagnetic storms output.

Version 5.0 - Added geomagnetic storms flyout.

Version 4.1 - Cosmetic changes in settings. New cities added.

Version 4.0 - Change city finding algorithm because accuweather change API.

Version 3.1 - Improved settings. Change update notifier algorithm.

Version 3.0 - Hover mouse to sunrise or sunset into flyout for show day length.

Version 2.9 - Fixed wrong determine Moon phase into flyout.

Version 2.8 - On barometric pressure for inches include two numbers to the right of the decimal point.

Version 2.7 - Improved code.

Version 2.6 - Hover mouse to sunrise or sunset for show day length.

Version 2.5 - Improved code. Added astronomy flyout.

Version 2.4 - Improved usability.

Version 2.3 - Allow to hide many gadget’s elements. Added different date formats.

Version 2.2 - Improved usability.

Version 2.1 - Added new options. Added two types of weather icons.

Version 2.0 - Added the option to change Precipitation to inches.

Version 1.9 - Added information about Moon phases.

Version 1.8 - Fix problem when you run more than one gadget after restarting computer.

Version 1.7 - Improved interface. Added new weather icons.

Version 1.6 - Wrong version.

Version 1.5 - Added delay on start. Added “Don’t save city to settings”. Use this option if you need run more than one gadget to other locations.

Version 1.4 - Fixed bad output when no internet connection.

Version 1.3 - Fixed bad flyout output when size more than 100%.

Version 1.2 - Added up to 9 days forecast. Added flyout setting.

Version 1.1 - Make asynchronous procedures. Added help. Fixed typo.

Version 1.0 - Initial release.