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Mouse Monitor overview

Version 4.9 released at 04/07/2020

Mouse Monitor

If you are really interested in how intensively you use the mouse, what distance its cursor runs over the day or in a certain time interval, at what it speeds, how often you get to use its buttons, then you have found what you need. Mouse Monitor is Windows 11 and Windows 10 Sidebar gadget will show you this information in real time. Besides, the gadget can display total distance traveled by the mouse cursor runs for all time of use and maximal cursor speed. The speed of the mouse cursor is displayed in meters or kilometers per hour.

This tool can be useful for counting your clicks while you perform certain actions. It can separately display the number of left and right clicks. You can always manually reset all counters.

Mouse Monitor is both accurate and lightweight gadgetm which makes it the perfect choice for your desktop. One thing that you must do is right set one important parameter — the pitch of your monitor. Furthermore, you can customize all colors and even background pictures.

Mouse Monitor works on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems. Unfortunately, it doesn’t run under the 64-bit sidebar. To use Mouse Monitor on a 64-bit operating system, you must switch your Sidebar program from 64-bit version to 32-bit. Our 64 to 32 sidebar gadget help you to easily do it.

Mouse Monitor features explained:

Mouse Monitor gadget

Special features

  1. Allow using pause/continue button (Pause/ play).
  2. Double click on background will show Mouse properties

Show changelog

Version 4.9 - Fixed bug with update notification. Fixed bad grammar Dave Moebius. (Released at 04/07/2020).

Version 4.8 - Improved code. (Released at 02/22/2020).

Version 4.6 - Improved code. Fixed bug with sizing. (Released at 08/07/2018).

Version 4.5 - Overhauled HTML.

Version 4.3 - Allow user show units in kilometers.

Version 4.2 - Added update notifier. Added number separator setting.

Version 4.1 - WRONG VERSION.

Version 4.0 - Added “Restore factory default settings” button and “Save counters when shut down” setting.

Version 3.9 - Improved settings.

Version 3.8 - Double click on background show Mouse properties.

Version 3.7 - Added “Pause/continue” button.

Version 3.6 - Improved settings.

Version 3.5 - Allow user select mouse image.

Version 3.4 - Added new setting. Fixed bug.

Version 3.3 - Added more pitches for big monitors.

Version 3.2 - Allow hide “Title” and “Copyright”.

Version 3.1 - Improved code.

Version 3.0 - Added color changeable for all gadget’s elements.

Version 2.2 - Change size adjustable method.

Version 2.1 - Save settings to file. (File will be created - Path: %APPDATA% File: gadgetname_Settings.ini). New “Save counters” setting.

Version 2.0 - Check for update button added. Added size adjustable.