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64 to 32 Sidebar overview

63 to 32 Sidebar

If you use a 64-bit operating system and try to install Windows Sidebar program the 64-bit Mode auto-starts by default. Because of this, some desktop gadgets cannot work properly or even cannot run. It is very sad, but the solution is simple. You just must change the autorun Sidebar into a registry. If you aren’t a computer specialist and don’t know the registry well, you may have difficulties with this. Our 64 to 32 Sidebar Windows 10 gadget will change autorun 64-bit sidebar to 32-bit sidebar and vice versa at any time.

Working with the gadget is intuitive. Once launched, the gadget detects the current version of the running Sidebar and prompts you to change it. Just click on the link. After that, a special shortcut will be created on the desktop to run the Sidebar of the corresponding version. Click the green button on the gadget and the current Sidebar will be closed. Launch the shortcut. A new Sidebar will be open. The shortcut can then be deleted.

If you need to roll back your previous version of Sidebar you need to repeat all actions again.

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Version 2.2 - Working with 8GadgetPack sidebar. Fixed bugs.

Version 2.1 - Fixed bug under Windows 10.

Version 2.0 - No need restart your PC. Just run special Shortcut.

Version 1.2 - Added Autoscale DPI.

Version 1.0 - Release version.