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HTML Guardian Decrypter overview

Version 4.0 released at 09/18/2019

HTML Guardian Decrypter

HTML Guardian Decrypter is a useful piece of software for Windows 10 sidebar, which can help you decrypt all HTML files which were encoded with Protware’s HTML Guardian, without putting a strain on your computer’s performance, as it uses minimal CPU and RAM. The gadget can decrypt all files included HTML, JavaScript, etc.

HTML Guardian Decrypter supports two modes: offline and online. It means you can decrypt both types of files: as recorded on your drive and files from the network. In order to start the decryption process, all you have to do is simply drop the file that interests you to the main window of the software app or type URL to the desired file, and let it take care of the rest.

If the process was successful, the gadget informs you abou. Decrypted file will be places into the same folder. In case you choose online decryption you must select the destination folder in settings.

Read our article Truth about HTML Guardian to know more about Protware’s HTML Guardian and protection of the Internet.

Special features

  1. Use an information Information icon to know the truth about HTML Guardian.

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Version 3.0 - Support HTML Guardian 7.9.1 and more types of cipher added. Improved code. (Released at 09/18/2019).

Version 3.0 - Improved code and HTML. Fixed bug with sizing. (Released at 08/03/2018).

Version 2.9 - Overhauled HTML.

Version 2.7 - Fixed bug.

Version 2.6 - More types of cipher added.

Version 2.5 - Decrypt HTML Guardian 7.8.5.

Version 2.4 - Working with UNICODE coded files.

Version 2.3 - More types of cipher added.

Version 2.2 - More types of cipher added.

Version 2.1 - Added update notifier. Change default settings.

Version 2.0 - Added online page decrypted mode. Make resizable. Fixed bugs. Improved code.

Version 1.5 - More types of cipher added.

Version 1.4 - Fixed bug.

Version 1.3 - Decrypt HTML Guardian 7.7.9.

Version 1.2 - Settings added.

Version 1.1 - More types of cipher added.

Version 1.0 - Release version.