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Folding@home Monitor overview

Folding@home Monitor

F@H Monitor is a resizable Windows 10 gadget that will show Folding@Home tasks progress. The gadget has a really nice interface and it shows you a lot of important information, such as: user name, user rank, rank changes in the last 24 hours, average points in the last 24 hours, points from the respective day, team number and rank and the sum of the points per day. Also, you will see the heavy task progress, the moderate task progress and the easy task progress, the CPU task, the GPU task, the SMP task and the Task progress.

Folding@home Monitor features explained:

Folding@home Monitor gadget

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Version 1.1 - Automatic add/remove projects. Time to update: 58 min.

Version 1.0 - Initial release.

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