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Enemy Loss Monitor overview

Version 1.1 released at 04/18/2023

If you watch the Russian-Ukrainian war, sympathize with the heroic struggle of the Ukrainian people and believe in their victory, then this little desktop gadget is made especially for you. It shows enemy casualty data directly on your desktop. You will always be up to date with the latest data on enemy losses. These are official and near realtime data delivered from the Ukrainian National Information Agency UNIAN. The data is updated once a day. Just click on the refresh icon to perform a data-update. Otherwise, the gadget will be updated once a day.

For convenience, icons of the main types of weapons are placed on the left of the main window of the gadget, and on the right are the cumulative losses since 24/02/2022 and the losses for the previous day. If you hover your mouse over an icon, you can see an explanation of its meaning in a pop-up window.

The gadget is fully customizable. You can choose the colors you want to display, as well as hide some data that is not of interest to you.


Personnel - Personnel

Tanks - Tanks

Armored Personnel Vehicles - Armored Personnel Vehicles

Aircraft / Helicopters - Aircraft / Helicopters

UAV Operational-Tactical Levels - UAV Operational-Tactical Levels

Anti-aircraft Warfare Systems - Anti-aircraft Warfare Systems

Artillery Systems / MLRS - Artillery Systems / MLRS

Vehicles & Fuel Tanks - Vehicles & Fuel Tanks

Warships / Boats - Warships / Boats

Special Equipment - Special Equipment

Data in green - Cumulative losses since 24/02/2022 (the beginning of the war)

Data in red - Losses for the previous day

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Version 1.1 - Improved usability. (04/18/2023)

Version 1.0 - Release version. (04/14/2023)