Free Sidebar Gadgets for Windows 11/10/8.1/7 Desktop


Dante says:

"Just wanted to say that I use your gadgets since more than 10 years ago and I love them. People like you do the internet an amazing world full of joy and possibilities. Thank you a lot for your work and GOOD work that you have done. Keep going, have a wonderful day. Cheers to you and your cats. Have a good life knowing there is people out there grateful for your gifts to the community."

Rylan Taylor says:

"... I just want to thank you greatly for your continued work creating and updating these amazing gadgets! When they broke the other day I looked across the internet for replacements most of which involved Rainmeter. Honestly, after comparing them, you have the best gadgets on the internet for Windows. The information you provide & the ability to hide sections is beyond exceptional functionality. The only improvement I think would help, is updating the visual look of them to make them more sleek and cool like Windows 10. Saying that, apart from that, THEY ARE PERFECT. THANKYOU SO MUCH. I use them everyday on my 6 monitor setup at home creating 3D work for the Video Game Industry. They are extremely useful when I have to do complex tasks."

@Cyntrifical says:

"... for a few years now I have used your resurrected Windows Desktop Gadgets on all of my computers which run Windows, and now wouldn’t live without them! Thanks for all the work you do as I know you’ve put in a lot of work designing, developing, and maintaining and pushing updates! - Your loyal user @Cyntrifical (twitter handle)"

Oskar says:

with no bs from my side...your gadgets is one of the BEST progies for windows family ever written. I am using them for years... now with no eset suport for win 7 any more i am to get seriosly fucked up...because on the interenet, there is not even a similar program like yours.
Such combo providing all esential info i externat ip and DNS, just no programs for that around. I mean simple and usefull programs...for a bunch not willing to instal wireshark and stuff.
Any way - THANK YOU.
I believe you acctualy do not know how widely your programs are appreciated and used.
I hope you stay fine and do your thing.
Tnx again."

Jacob W. Crosby says:

"I would very much like to thank you for all of the work you put into these gadgets!!! Yours are the only gadgets that I use, and they have every option I could possibly think of, you have done an amazing job!!!"

Faiham Sadi says:

"Thanks for your hard work. I love windows gadgets very much and you have made it possible."

James K. Brown says:

"I just wanted to send a message to say Thank You for keeping these gadgets going over the past couple years.
I still use windows 7 (and will until win 9, maybe later - windows 8 is poorly done, not PC friendly) and have a second screen dedicated mostly to your gadgets. Currently i am using System Monitor II (with Coretemp), GPU Monitor (two instances (1 for each gpu (mismatched gpu’s))), Network Monitor II, and System Uptime Full Plus. Sometimes tinker/play around with several others (keyboard/ mouse monitor, weather, etc.). I have them all enlarged so I can read them several feet back, and all my colors and graphs are customized. They look Nice! A couple of friends have started using them on their systems after they saw mine...
I use these gadgets to monitor my system and keep it running well Every Day! They have made my system better and more fun and useful... Thanks Again so much for your continued support and effort on these great gadgets!
James K. Brown"

Raffy says:

"I really love it. It shows a lot of info, and the size is pretty neat considering the amount of information it displays. The data is eye-easy reading, not like other that sacrifice sharpness by reducing the size of the gadget.
Thanks for really nice gadget. Have a happy new year, and God bless you!

Андрей says:

"Спасибо Вам, Игорь, ОГРОМНОЕ за то, что Ваши гаджеты радуют нас каждый день! Вы МОЛОДЕЦ! Удачи и программных подвигов Вам!"
Translation: "Thank you, Igor, HUGE for the fact that your gadgets please us every day! You are FINE FELLOW! Good luck and software feats to you!"

Alexandr says:

"... я привык уже к Вашим гаджетам, лучше на 7-ке с ними, чем на 10-ке без них :))))"
Translation: "... I’m used to your gadgets, better on Windows 7 with them than on Windows 10 without them :))))"

Jorg says:

"... I wont to tell You, that I really like Your gadgets. They are really professionally, even if you look at the code, you get infos, that’s absolutely perfect. Thank You very much."

Rick says:

"I wanted to thank you for your work on these gadgets and I’ll be sending along some cash for thanks. I have switched away from the other gadgets to yours exclusively :)"

Paul says:

"Tovarysh Bushin, I wanted to thank you for your weather sidebar gadget. It works well in Windows 10 via the third-party program I use. I appreciate the ability to scale-up the text to exactly the level favorable to my vision. Using your gadget, I have replaced three weather gadgets, thanks to the amount and types of information you’ve made available. Quyana (Dyakuyu in my language)"

Silvio says:

"I really really really love your gadgets. They literally changed my life and I can’t live without them anymore."

Jeff says:

"Your gadgets are, by far, the best and most convenient I have ever used. I would not be running 3rd party software to allow the use of gadgets in Windows 10 except that I can not bear the thought of going back to the time before I had useful system information always updating and looking great while doing it. Thank you so much for the wonderful work you have done all these years."

Hyam says:

"Network Monitor II is a fantastic gadget. I have been using it for years, not only to measure certain downloads. I have tried various other programs and utilities. This gadget is far above the rest. It was a main reason I delayed upgrading to Windows 10 until programs appeared allowing the use of gadgets in Windows 10."

Raj says:

"Thanks for your hard work and especially for continuing to support Win7 gadgets!"

Anonimous donator says:

"I know $2 isn’t much but I don’t have much. I wanted to give what I had and could to say thank you for the years you have kept these gadgets updated and still keep updating them! I wish I had a fraction of your programming skill to do just a little bit myself. I’m glad you do this wonderful work so well! Thank you!"

Richard says:

"Great job on the apps. I’ve been using them for years. I love them!"

Tobias says:

"Thank you for the great work you are doing with Windows Sidebar Gadgets. Keep up the good work!"

Elogio says:

"Aqui no Brasil apreciamos muito o trabalho de vocês, usamos todos os gadgets no Windows 10, são os únicos que tem precisão é atualizam. Muito obrigado por manter os gadgets."

Zachary says:

"Thank you for making Windows gadgets. I love how frequently you update them. You also supported me via email in 2017. You also have cute cats on your shvaika website. Thanks again!"

Lacombe Gunsmith & Machine LLC says:

"Really appreciate your updating all these wonderful gadgets and bring them into the new age of computer OS"

Christian says:

"Greatest Gadgets of the World! Happy Easter!"

Bruno says:

"Thank you very much for keeping all the very useful gadgets available and free, they’re among the first things I install on my pc"